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Dramatic Changes with Oversized Wall Trees

Ever have a redecorating project that just fell flat?  Despite the best of intentions, there are times when simply painting a room just doesn’t cut it.  You need to go bigger.  Bolder.  You need to bring some color into that drab, neutral living room or den.  Some movement.  Some life!

Wall Tree DecalCongratulations!  You’ve just taken your first steps into the world of peel-and-stick wall trees.

As many of you already know, today’s printers keep getting better and better.  So do the materials that can be printed on.  And since the invention of removable vinyl decals?  The walls of your living room, bedroom, kitchen, baby nursery – just about any room in the house, really – can be livened up and instantly decorated with colorful, vibrant removable wall stickers.

wall-tree2Peel them off.  Stick them on.  Remove them, reposition them… there ARE no mistakes.

And as printers get bigger?  So do the projects!  Which is why the following selection of peel-and-stick trees will not only amaze you, but you’ll be even further astounded by how simple they are to install… all by yourself!

In the past, these types of murals had to be hand-painted to get such an effect.  The result was a very expensive project that you were stuck with, and had to paint over when you wanted to change decor.

Wall Tree Designs for Living Room and Family Room Decorating

One of the best things about installing your very own wall tree is that it can go virtually anywhere you want it to.  Fit it on a blank wall between furnishings, or place it partially behind a chair or couch.

wall-tree3You can even try different walls to see where you like it best – as long as you’re careful when you remove the decal, it will always maintain it’s non-sticky adhesive properties.  This gives you unlimited flexibility when decorating, especially because these trees come in such a variety of sizes and colors.

wall-tree4Wall trees can be as sophisticated as you want them to be.  Some are scrolly and whimsical, while others maintain a more realistic appearance.  It’s all about the decor you’re trying to match them to.

Use some, most, or even all of your wall decal, depending on how much space you have.  But be sure to choose a wall tree that coordinates with the same look and feel of your living space, just as you need to match the color.

And when it comes to color?  The best thing about some of these decals is that they can be ordered in DOZENS of customizable colors!  So pick your paint (or match your existing paint) and create your very own matching wall mural.  Between the leaves, flowers, and branches of these vinyl tree decals, you can instantly add splashes of color that coordinate with pillows, rugs, paintings, or any other piece of your existing decor.

Another cool aspect of these murals is their dynamic nature.  You can choose from static trees or wilderness scenes, or you can pick a wall tree that looks swept by the wind, its falling leaves trailing behind it to give the illusion of motion!

wall-tree5Check out the birds and blossom decal, or especially this very popular and amazing cherry blossom wall sticker.

Both show motion and life, but probably not as much as this wind-blown flowery tree, available in over 35 colors and near unlimited variations of leaf, flower, and bark color combinations.

Wall Trees for Kids Rooms and Baby Nursery

Want even more color and more life?  There’s an equally abundant number of children’s wall tree decals to choose from as well!  Again, these come in almost every color under the rainbow and can be custom-ordered to fit your son or daughter’s room.  So whether you’re decorating for a boy or a girl, you’ll find a tree that fits perfectly along that blank, boring, plain old wall.

wall-tree6Kids wall trees tend to be more scrolly and fantastic.  One of the most popular choices of all time?  The Scroll Tree Mega Pack.  Simple.  Colorful.  Easy to install in your own custom way.  And since the decals are peel-and-stick, your child (if old enough) can help you with the decorating process.

You’ll find many trees geared toward younger children, toddlers, and even baby’s nursery.  In fact, there are a whole line of adorable monkey-themed and animal-themed wall trees that make perfect additions to your baby nursery decor.  Choose a tree with birds along the branches, or owls, or just a colorful array of beautiful flowers.

Each decal comes with easy-to-install instructions.  You can choose to install your tree exactly as shown in the example photos, or use the leaves, flowers, and smiling animals to decorate in your own fashion, adding that special, personalized touch to your child’s room or nursery.

wall-tree7So remember: next time you’re stuck on a decorating idea?  Why not check out this full line of over 300 wall tree decals!

Whether you’re working on a home project or redoing a child’s bedroom or playroom, you’re bound to find something fun and exciting to put on your walls!



Bathroom Decorating Ideas

So… you want to decorate (or redecorate) your bathroom?  As one of the smallest rooms in the house, believe it or not, it’s also one of the more difficult rooms to renovate.  Space is limited, and fixtures take up most of the room.  Between the tub, the sink, the toilet, hamper… what are you left with?

fish-bathroom-decal The answer is simple; the walls!  Unfortunately, most people spend very little time on the walls of their bathroom, as they’re usually preoccupied with picking out fixtures, lighting, the medicine cabinet, and more.  They throw up a coat of paint, a few new picture frames, and they call it a day.  How unimaginative is that?

Luckily, you’ve got a TON of great wall decor to choose from when it comes to peel and stick bathroom decals.  There are accent stickers, wall borders, mirror and window decals… even peel and stick wall tiles that install in minutes, are fully washable, and give the look of an expensive bath tile backsplash!

Peel and Stick Mosaic Tile

bathroom4One of the coolest new products to come out for kitchens and baths is the invention of instantly applied mosaic tile.  These peel and stick decals come in perfectly measured squares that give the look – and in some cases even the feel – of an actual tile backsplash.

They’re completely self-adhesive; all you do is peel away the protective backing and stick them right onto your wall.  In doing this you can make your backsplash or tile accent wall as thin or thick as you want.  Not only do they look great, but they can also be washed and wiped down just as with regular ceramic tile.  So measure, order, and cut away the excess – no tile saw needed!

Sea Shell Wall Stickers For Bathroom

bathroom3One of the most popular bathroom themes has to do with the sea.  Even if you live nowhere near the ocean you can add tons of great sea-themed wall decals, from scallop and clam shells to conch and snails, peel and stick these great decals anywhere you want.

You can use them to create a border near the top of your walls, or you can spread them around a medicine cabinet or mirror to create a ringed effect.

Either way you can’t go wrong, because if you misplace any decals or choose to move them elsewhere they’ll peel right off and smooth right on again – no glue, no fuss, no mess.

Creating an Undersea / Ocean-Themed Bathroom

bathroom5The use of sea life is always a colorful, fun, and amazing way to decorate your bathroom.  Many people choose to go this route when choosing shower curtains or other bath accessories, then paint the walls a blue color or seafoam green.  What you need to do however, is be sure not to miss out on the fantastic collection of sea life and sea creatures you can use to decorate your walls.

Fish – vibrant, bright, colorful salt water fish – are a perfect and popular choice when picking decals for your bathroom wall.  First paint the walls the color of water, going as soft or deep blue as you like.

Beyond that you have two choices: pick and choose your own individual animals (including sharks, dolphins, coral reefs, etc…) and create your own personalized wall mural… or select one of many pre-existing ocean wall decal packages that already include everything you’ll need to create an undersea theme.

bathroom7And if you happen to be decorating a childrens’ bathroom?  There are a variety of adorable sea-creatures with a more cartoonish kids’ look.

Some, like the Fun to Sea Underwater Room Kit can be used to instantly make your son or daughter’s bathroom look like a fantasy ocean adventure.  And since you can’t make any mistakes (remember?  peel and stick?) you can involve your little one in the decorating process no matter what their age.

Bathroom Window Murals – Creating Space

Don’t have a window in your bathroom?  You’re not alone.  They way many houses are designed, the bathroom is centrally located and therefore doesn’t benefit from the natural light of a window.

bathroom6If this is the case, why not create your very own window?

There are some very cool and amazing window murals that depict everything from sandy tropical beaches to the rolling hills of Tuscany!  Again, these are designed to peel and stick right to your wall, so just choose a spot and instantly create your very own scenery!

Window murals come in all shapes and sizes.  Each is designed to fit a certain space, but all are geared toward opening your room up into the great outdoors.  Bathrooms especially can benefit from this type of treatment, because most of them are small to begin with.

Be sure to measure first, to make sure you have enough room to handle one of these murals.

Mirror and Window Etched Glass Decals

bathroom2Now if you do happen to have the benefit of a window, there are always ways to dress it up.  You can now buy removable vinyl decals that give the look of stained glass.

These decals bring an amazing range color into your sunlit bathroom without muting the outside light, and best of all, you can peel them right off when you’re through with them.  Big or small, the designs are perfect for accenting your newly-renovated room.

Etched glass is another very popular look.  The only problem?  Sand-etching glass can be a VERY expensive process!

bathroom8Again, peel and stick decals are now made to give even that look as well.  Instantly obtain the very light, delicate, and beautiful scrollwork-type feel of etched glass by simply smoothing on a set of etched glass or stained-glass decals.

No matter what color you painted, or what theme you’re going with, you’ll find a set of these to match your new bathroom decor.

bathroom1In the end, the motto is always the same: don’t forget your bathroom walls!  Most people go wrong when it comes to this very simple, very easy part of redesigning a half, full, or even master bath.  They focus so much on making sure they have all the right fixtures that they forget all about the little things – the accent pieces – that can transform the room and make it pop.

Vinyl decals are not only inexpensive and great-looking, but they also go up in minutes… sometimes even seconds!  What other decorating ideas for bathrooms are as clean or simple?

Your bathroom should be a beautiful haven for you to go each morning as you prepare to meet your day.  So make sure you enjoy the view!

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Decorating with The Little Mermaid Decals and Murals

Ariel Giant Decal

Ariel Giant Decal


Disney’s The Little Mermaid has been out since 1989, delighting little girls with her dazzling  mermaid to twirling princess transformation.  Decorating with Ariel and her friends is made easy with decals and murals that are a snap to install, and change your decor in minutes.



The Little Mermaid XL Wall Mural

The Little Mermaid XL Wall Mural


Does your little princess prefer Ariel the mermaid or Ariel the princess (with legs as my daughter always called her)? My daughters favorite was always the mermaid, she was intrigued that she could live under the sea!

With the release of the The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition on October 1rst,  there is sure to be a new found obsession with one of Disney’s most popular Princess!  Mermaid Ariel and all her sea creature friends come in shimmery colors like greens and blues with golden sunshine pouring into the sea.  Princess Ariel swirls in her pink dress, accenting her flowing red hair.

The Little Mermaid Giant Decal

The Little Mermaid Giant Decal

If your child loves Ariel, but also loves the other Princesses?  She can be combined with the other princesses and of course the Disney Castle! Cinderella, Snow White, Tiana, Aurora and Belle are available in decal packs with Ariel.  Rapunzel and Jasmine are available with her as well in the Royal Debut decals.  Combining them all make for a very colorful room!


The Little Mermaid Decals


Just introduced are a new line of The Little Mermaid decals which has a giant decal to match.  Join Ariel with Sebastian and Flounder for some under the sea fun!  Keep in mind that these decals can be used on any smooth surface, so decorate your toy box, doors and headboard with no sticky residue to worry about.


Holiday Fur Cape!

Holiday Fur Cape!

If you choose the Princess Ariel giant decal, be sure to check out the winter “fur” cape accessory decal, a great update to your decor during the holiday season!

Check out our whole line of The Little Mermaid decals and murals and transform your room into the room of her dreams!





Calling all Jets and Giants Fans!!

Well it is football season again, and here in NY, you are generally either a Jets or a Giants fan, here in our office we are split down the middle!  giants-decal-2

While we have been designing some new custom decals we thought it would be fun to design some NFL decals, with each teams “catch phrase” and colors. So of course we started with the NY Giants and the NY Jets!  We can make them for just about any team, they come in three sizes and are peel and stick.  jets-decal-2

Great for tailgating, your mancave, and are reusable over and over!  Let us know what teams you would like to see, or request a custom order.  We would love to make your game days special!!

We also have some custom Jersey themed decals coming that you can add you name and number to, or your favorite player.

Check out our complete line of custom decals, many can have the font and colors changed and they can really personalize your space.


Creating a Under The Sea Themed Room

Coral Reef Tropical Wall Sticker Mural Two

Coral Reef Tropical Wall Sticker Mural Two

Many of our customers ask us to assist in putting together an under the sea complete room package that will make it easy to install and look great!  Although it may seem overwhelming, with all the options we have of kits and separate fish decals it can be very simple.  Today I am going to focus on doing a realistic looking theme with bright vibrant colors and glistening sea creatures.

Shark Decal

Shark Decal

First, lets start with the background.  There are many amazing colors of blue you can use that will work in a boys and girls rooms to put “water” right on the walls!  Some colors we have recommended over the years are Behr Azurean (a turquoise blue), Behr Mermaid Treasure ( a greenish blue) or Behr Isle of Capri (which is a deep pretty blue).

Underwater Tropical Fish Seacreature Wall Sticker

Underwater Tropical Fish Seacreature Wall Sticker

Next, figure out how much space you have in the room, if you have a lot of available floor space, then we would recommend either painting or using sand decals to create the illusion of the bottom of the sea.   Not a lot of floor space?  That’s okay too!  You can always use coral to bring everything together.

Okay, now for the fun part, its time to pick out your fish!  All of our sea decals are peel and stick, so you can always move them around while you are installing them, and if you just want to switch things up a little.

Large Butterfly Fish

Large Butterfly Fish


Start with a few larger fish….dolphins are a must have, as well as a ominous shark or two.  Sea turtles also love to ride the ocean waves!  Smaller fish really bring the color and finish up the look.  Butterfly fish, Blue Tang, Angelfish, Grunt fish and Clown fish are all sold separately which makes it easy to order just what you need.  Packs of decals like Under the Sea or Underwater Tropical Fish come with a assortment of fish as well as some smaller coral and seaweed.

Coral Reef Tropical Wall Sticker Mural One

Coral Reef Tropical Wall Sticker Mural One

This is a really fun project that can be done pretty quickly, just be sure if you are painting the room to let the paint cure and wait about 10 days to apply the decals.  Check out our complete line of Under the Sea items and please let us know if you need any assistance, we love to help you decorate!