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Peel and Stick Comic Book Decals – ON SALE!!

Superman Patriotic Comic Book Cover Sticker


Calling all comic book fans!!  Our popular line of peel and stick comic book covers are perfect for that DC or Marvel themed superhero room, and grown up enough for Dad’s office or man cave!  Four of the covers are now discontinued with limited stock, they are 30% off and with free shipping, make a great gift for the holidays.  Limited quantities available!

Click here for the Comic Book covers on sale, and click here for all our superhero items!

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Construction Themed Bedding – Matching Decals

Construction Quilt and Sham Set

Construction is a really popular boys theme, they love the big trucks and machinery, and there are so many construction and vehicle themed bedding sets out there.  This one is a great choice, I love the blues in the quilt, you can paint the room a nice blue that will transition into the teenage years and not have to repaint!

Construction Decals

We have some  great choices for decorating your vehicle themed room.


One of the most popular is the Construction decals, they have bulldozers, cement trucks, pay loaders and plenty of construction sign stickers that match the quilt!  We also offer several room packages that include this decal pack.  Room packages are great for a one stop decorating pack, some come with matching border or other decals that will help complete the look of the room.   This one includes the Construction Junction wall window decals, which are perfect for a room with one or no windows, or a smaller room to make it appear larger.

Under Construction Personalized Decal

Do you love personalization as much as we do?  Then this is the perfect decal for your construction theme.   You can change the colors and it is available in multiple sizes.  Perfect for over a dresser, bookcase or bed!

New Construction Decals

Your little digger will love the colorful trucks and machinery in these new construction truck and construction zone stickers, it also is a great way to get your child involved in decorating their room or play area.  You just simply lift off the paper and smooth onto the wall, and you can always remove and reuse them over and over with no damage to the walls!  Construction and vehicle themed decals are perfect for your your lego fan as well,  give them some inspiration!

Finish up your construction room with a matching rug, valances, a lamp, or use some tonka trucks as book ends (just put some sticky tack on the bottom of the wheels so they don’t roll off the shelves 🙂

As always, we would love to see some photos of your completed designs!  Send them over and get a 10% coupon for a future purchase.


Decorating Your Walls for Halloween!

Hosting a Halloween party?  Just looking to decorate?  Whatever reason you might be looking for, it’s that time of year!  Time to decorate for Halloween!halloween1

For many people, Halloween is one of the most fun and exciting holidays you’ll encounter all year!

First of all, it doesn’t require presents: meaning it’s a pretty stress-free occasion.  Second of all, it doesn’t require travel, or big family get-togethers… it’s just a fun excuse to dress up, buy candy, and transform your home – and especially your walls – a spooky, eerie, haunted house-like experience!

When decorating for Halloween you’ve got many things to consider.  First are the standard Halloween decorations.

These include the bats, witches, and skeletons you store in the attic and hang up year after year.  Some might be paper, some plastic… some might even be elaborate 3-D or talking versions designed to jump out and spook people as they pass by.  You put these on tables, countertops, and mantles.

But what about your walls?

One thing that many people don’t realize is there are a wide variety of peel and stick Halloween wall decals you can decorate with.  Best of all, if you save the protective vinyl backing the stickers came on?  You can peel them off and put them back once the holiday is done, making them usable again and again, year after year!halloween2

The biggest Halloween staple of them all?  Jack-O-Lanterns!  To the left you’ll find an excellent example of a removable, reusable, and totally repositionable Jack-O-Lantern wall decal.  Peel it, place it, and enjoy!

These decals can go anywhere in your home, on any smooth surface, with no glue, no mess, and no fuss.  Take them down and re-use them for next Halloween.  The “stickiness” never goes away, and you’ll be able to enjoy the decorations over and over again.

Is bats and witches more your thing?  This Wallies Happy Halloween Decal Set is right up your alley.

halloween3This package of 18+ cats, bats, witches and jack-o-lanterns gives great latitude when decorating.

Create your own design, spreading the decals out over a larger area, or place them exactly as seen in the photo here.

Use them to decorate around a table, or by the couch… they’re perfect for living room, kitchen, or any room in the house.  As seen in the photo, you can also place these decals on cookie jars, cabinets, your refrigerator… pretty much any smooth surface!

Looking for a more spooky vibe?  Skeletons have long been one of the most iconic of all Halloween decorations.  When it comes to skeleton wall stickers, you have two different options.

The first is the Wallies Skeleton Halloween Decalhalloween4

At nearly 6′ tall, it can instantly transform your wall into something absolutely spooktacular!

This skull-and-bones decal is perfect for doors as well, and can be placed on the front door of your home (yes, even outside!) as long as the surface is smooth.

(Clean your door first with some soap and water before placing the decal for best results).

But hey – do you have children, and want to get the little ones involved?  The Build-Your-Own-Skeleton Kit is the way to go!  With this fun package of vinyl appliques, your children and their friends can build their skeleton from the feet up… or from the skull down!


The assembled project stands over three feet tall, comes with bats and spiders decals as well, and best of all… IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!

For younger children who aren’t looking to be spooked, consider a more innocent collection of wall decals.halloween6

The peel and place Halloween mural you see below is fun, cute, and non-threatening.  It’s perfect for the playroom, or even your son or daughter’s bedroom too.

The mural contains children Trick or Treating while dressed as witches, mummies, ghosts, and vampires… including graveyards and haunted houses that won’t send your little ones running for the hills.  And since everything is repositonable?  Children can help you decorate with these stickers – all without the fear of making a mistake.

This decal also comes with a FULL ALPHABET of peel-and-place decals, meaning your child can personalize it with whatever phrase comes to mind (Happy Halloween, Trick or Treat, Boo, etc…) or even use the letters to spell out their own name!

Remember, when Halloween is over?  Place your wall stickers back into the protective packaging and safely store them away for next year.  And don’t forget to check out full line of ALL Holiday Wall Stickers for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and more!


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Pottery Barn Kids Haley Bedding – Matching Decals

Many of our customers ask for our assistance in matching their bedding sets that they have or ones they are looking to purchase, and want to be sure they can get decals that will match the sets even if they are not made specifically for that bedding.  We thought it would be fun to feature a popular bedding set every week and which decals we would recommend to complete your decor.  Please let us know if you would like to see a particular bedding, with over 12,000 items, we are sure we have something to match just about anything!

haleyFirst up is Pottery Barn Kids Haley bedding.  This bedding is currently available in crib, twin and full/queen size.  Haley bedding features darling trees and branches with adorable owl and plump birds in soft pastel colors.  Although pink, white and green are the primary colors, blue, purple, and hot pink are also featured, making more than a few decals the perfect option for this bedding!

Baby Bird on Blossoming Branch

Baby Bird on Blossoming Branch



This baby bird fabric decal is a perfect match for this bedding.  Easy to install, fabric decals tend to look as if they are painted on, giving a very custom look to your walls.  This particular decal is available in multiple colors, the one shown matches, but you can make your birds blue or purple as well!  And you can add her name!

Birdie Tree with Custom Name

Birdie Tree with Custom Name



Add a giant tree on the wall, great if you have space behind the bed, dresser, or room for it to be showcased all on its own.  The colors of the birds can also be changed on this Birdie Tree and I love the way the name is strung up and held by the birds, so cute!


Flower Tree with Birds

Flower Tree with Birds



Another sweet tree option is the Flower Tree with Birds Wall Decal .  You can not change the color of this decal, but this would still be a perfect fit.  This tree measures 54″w x 83″h, so this would take up a good portion of your wall.  The extra branch can be used as shown or in a different part of the room, like over the changing table or dresser.

Owl Family Girl Decal

Owl Family Girl Decal

Last but not least is my favorite for this bedding, the Owl Family Girl decal.  Adding your child’s name just adds such a personal touch, and these owls match in the pink, but can be changed to any other color in the quilt as you prefer.  This is a perfect decal for over the bed, it also comes in multiple sizes to suit your needs.  Over a crib and a full/queen bed would require the same size, so if your crib converts to a full size bed, you would not have to change the decal as she moves into her big girl room.

Check back next week, we will feature something fun for the boys!

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Practical Uses for Chalkboard and Dry Erase Decals

One thing most people don’t realize is that a good many wall decals are functional.  Case in point?  Peel and stick dry erase and chalkboard stickers.  These aren’t just for art rooms or play room decorating.  On the contrary, they can be a functional part of your kitchen, dorm room, family room, and much, much

Let’s start with the basics: what is a dry erase decal, and how does it work?  Quite simply, these fully removable and repositionable vinyl stickers have the same non-glue adhesive surface on one side (making them stick to any smooth surface such as walls or furniture) , while maintaining a standard dry-erase surface on the other.

You can write on them with any non-permanent or dry erase marker, and when you’re done, easily wipe the surface clean with a rag or cloth.  No water needed!

By the same token, a chalkboard sticker is almost the same thing.  In this case the outer surface of the decal functions the same as any chalkboard you saw in school while growing up.  You write on it with chalk, and then erase it with an eraser… or with a damp or dry cloth.

In both cases the surface of the decal becomes a non-permanent way to jot down lists, send messages, and do just about anything you need to.  This kind of handy functionality makes decorating with dry erase and chalkboard decals something that can work anywhere and everywhere in your home.

Writable Wall Decals for The Kitchen

Of course, the most popular place for any type of writable surface would also be the most well-used room in the house: the kitchen.  As the central hub of any good household, having an easy way to communicate with other family members is always a great thing.chalkboard-kitchen-decal

Dry erase kits come in peel and stick squares, circles, or even calendar form.  You can use them for notes, shopping lists, mark them for doctor and dentist appointments, or just utilize them as a board to communicate with other family members.

Some dry erase packs come with smaller decals that can be used to label boxes, canisters, and all cookie jars, allowing you to change the contents of your containers.

You simply write on the label whenever you want to change it up.  How easy is that?

dry-erase-labelsThe same goes for chalkboard decals for kitchen.  Stick them on walls, the inside of cabinet doors, even the fridge!  The fully removable vinyl decals peel right on and off, meaning they won’t leave a big sticky mess behind when you change your mind as to where you want them.

Write-On Decals for Boys and Girls Bedrooms or Play room

When it comes to kids, life moves fast!  There’s no better way to keep up with them than with a dry erase or chalkboard surface that installs effortlessly on the walls of their bedroom.

girls-dry-erase-stickersYour little one – or even your teenager – will love having the ability to jot down their favorite songs, their Christmas list, or even their homework assignments (yeah, you wish!)

These decals come in fun shapes and colors that can match your child’s themed room decor (i.e. airplane chalkboard decals for an airplane room, princess dry erase stickers for a princess themed room, etc…) – all you have to do is consult with your little one and decide the best choice for the space you have.

There are sports dry erase surfaces for baseball, hockey, basketball, and football.  Heart-shaped decals for girlie rooms, as well as paisley, peace signs, flowers, and decals designed to look like loose-leaf notebook paper.

Put them above your desk, or on the back of your door, or even in your locker!  Your children will love writing on these surfaces, whether they’re marking lists or just doodling.  Wipe them clean whenever you’re done, and you can have a brand new surface in just seconds.

Educational Wall Stickers – Chalkboard and Dry Erase

Another great application for these decals is the classroom.  Whether you’re a teacher, or just want to teach your children on your own, you can apply writable surfaces on just about any smooth surface in a variety of ABC educational themes.

chalkboard-abc-alphabet-stickerFor example, the Wallies Chalkboarder Alphabet Sticker brings back really cool memories of trying to get your penmanship just right!

dry-erase-calendarThere are also America map stickers you can write on, enabling you to teach your child exactly where each of the 50 states are located.  Use chalkboard calendars to mark off the days of the month, and to indicate holidays and special activities.

Do dry erase decals come with a dry erase marker?  Yes!  Do chalkboard stickers come with chalk?  Of course!

Each of our writeable surface packs come with the appropriate writing tools.  But again, you can always use your own dry erase markers, chalk, or even colored sidewalk chalk to make marks on these surfaces.

Check out our full line of chalkboard stickers and dry erase peel and stick surfaces to see what we have!