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Wall Decal Words and Phrases For Home Decorating

Ever walk into someone’s home and see a decorative phrase on their wall?  “Live, Laugh, Love”?  How bout “Welcome to our Home”?  Wonder where they got these phrases, and how they got on your friend’s wall?  Well wonder no more!

Wall Words as Removable Vinyl Decals

Wall phrases are popular these days, even more so than ever before.  One of the biggest reasons: removable vinyl decals.  Today’s market for wall decals include spectacular laser-cut designs that come on protective backings with NO glue, NO mess, and virtually NO installation.  All you have to do is peel them, place them, and enjoy!

Even better, advances in printing have made a very WIDE variety of decals available to the general public.  Words, phrases, monograms, and even personalized wall sayings can be custom cut and created to fit your decorating needs, in any color of your choice, and for any room in the home.

family home decalWhatever your paint scheme, whatever your decorating style, there will be wall words suited for even the most eclectic tastes.  Some will be funny, others will be insightful; all of them will be enjoyed by the guests who enter your home as well as the family members who live there and see them on a daily basis.

When it comes to vinyl wall words, there are three main categories.  Phrases, Monograms, and Customized sayings.  There are also three main points of installation for these cool decals: in the living room or family room, in the kitchen, or in the bedroom (or even playroom) for both adults and children.

Popular Wall Decal Phrases

Another cool thing about decorating with wall words is that you can often choose the font style as well as the color.  Some fonts look better than others; some are formal, some are whimsical, and some go best in children’s rooms.  For the living space, you’ll want a more serious and formal font.  For playrooms and kitchens, you can get a little more lighthearted.

Some of the most popular sticker phrases deal with the most important aspect of any home: family.  The “Add Family and a House Becomes a Home” sticker is among one of the most selected choices, as well as “Welcome” and “Where there is Family there is Laughter”.  These decals promote togetherness and serve to remind everyone of family unity.

Always kiss me goodnightFor children’s rooms, by far the most popular wall phrase works best over your son or daughter’s bed, and even better over the crib in a baby’s nursery: “Always kiss me goodnight”.  This sweet little phrase comes in all different colors and font styles, so be sure to choose one that best suits your child’s room decor.

Another cool way to decorate you child’s room with a wall phrase?  His or her own name!

Kids Name DecalYou can get ANY color name printed in multiple font types, with all manner of boys and girls themed designs.  These stickers are perfect for fitting over your son or daughter’s bed.  Some come with accent pieces; for example, in a dinosaur room you might want your son’s name with a small dinosaur sticker to go with it.  For your daughter’s princess room?  The name decal might come with a crown.  Browse our huge selection of personalized name decals to see exactly what’s available.

Baby Birth Announcement Wall Decals

Another very popular item is the birth announcement wall sticker.  These are an amazingly personalized detail you can add to your little baby’s nursery immediately after they are born.

Baby Birth Announcement DecalJust give us your son or daughter’s name and birthdate – we’ll do the rest!  Choose from an adorable selection of baby nursery themes or colors, with accent stickers as well.

And remember: you can customize your phrase if you want to.  Our artists can write whatever it is that you want, provided it fits within the dimensions of the decal in question.

Other Children’s Personalized Decals

Kids rooms are the most fun to decorate. So why be limited by the big box stores?Custom Kids Name Stickers

When it comes to wall decal personalization, you can find just about anything to perfectly match the theme, vibe, or personality of your son or daughter’s bedroom decor.  Every child has a favorite ‘thing’, whether it be pirates or dinosaurs or princesses or superheroes!

To the left are just some examples of our customizable kids wall stickers.  No matter what phase your child happens to be in right now, you’ll find something he or she will love to put on their wall.

Wall Monograms – Decorating With Your Family Name

Ever see on of those “Smith Family, est. 1980” signs?  Well it’s a lot easier to get the same effect in a custom-printed vinyl wall decal.

You can get monogrammed and family name decals in any color you wish.  Better yet, each of these custom pieces of wall art will be a fully removable, reusable piece of your home decor.

Family Home Decal

Most common would be the monogram decal.  This utilizes each of the husband and wife’s first initials, both superimposed against the first initial of the family name.  Elaborate, flowing script looks best here, but you choose from a wide variety of fonts, and of course, colors as well.

An other great choice is the family decal itself.  You can make it say whatever you want: a family phrase or motto, or you can just list the last name and the date you came together to form a family.  Cherish and celebrate your home by letting everyone see your family pride and unity.

And sometimes?  Keeping it simple is best.  In this case you might want to go with a last name decal, such as the one you see at bottom here.  Elegant and sophisticated, it belongs wherever you want it, in any room of the house.


Wall Word and Phrase Decals for Kitchen Decorating

The kitchen!  It’s the very heart of your home.  It’s where the family meets, eats, and communicates the most.  For most, it’s the most important room in the whole house.

Kitchen Wall StickerWall decals for kitchen decorating range from fun to fancy.  Most of the time you’ll want to keep it whimsical, with cool sayings like “Kiss the Cook” and “Keep Calm and Drink More Wine.”

Country kitchen decorating is also a popular theme, and you’ll find all kinds of decals in exactly that style.  Check out this full list of kitchen wall stickers to see just what’s available to you, even beyond wall sayings and phrases.

Another great kitchen idea?  Chalkboard decals!  In this way, you turn the walls of your kitchen into a writable surface, leaving the chalk there for anyone to write on.  This type of scenario is perfect for shopping lists, writing down dates and setting up calendar events.  It’s also a place to leave notes for other members of the family.  “Ran to the store be right back!” can be easily jotted down in a common location for everyone to see.

And if you don’t like the chalkboard decal look?  There are several whiteboard stickers perfect for kitchen use.  Check out both types and decide which is best for you.  Everything at Wall Sticker Outlet is all-inclusive, too.  Chalkboard stickers come with chalk, and Whiteboard decals come with a standard dry-erase marker.

Sayings, phrases, monograms… when these things are fully open to personalization, there’s no limit to what you can come up with.  So no matter how you choose to decorate with wall phrases, make it fun!

Creating a Sports-Themed Bedroom

If little boys and girls have one thing in common these days, it’s their love of sports!  So inevitably it happens… that day your son or daughter comes up and asks you to deck out their very own sports-themed bedroom!Sports Stamps Vinyl Decals

Traditionally, boys and girls sports have been pretty separate.  Boys have baseball, football, hockey… girls have softball, volleyball,  dancing.  Still, a good many sports are shared across both sexes.  Boys and girls both play soccer, and basketball has become a sport enjoyed by everyone.

So when it comes down to choosing a sports type theme for your child’s bedroom or play room, don’t forget to include all of their favorite sports!

Sports Wall Decals for Boys

Some of the most fantastic things you can do in a sports-themed bedroom is decorate the walls.  This is because of there’s an amazing array of sports figures, stadiums, and historic sports moments captured by high-quality laser printed wall stickers, and even full-length wall murals.  Installing such wall decor can quickly and dramatically change your child’s room in just a few

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime, and one of the first sports young boys learn to play.  Find out your child’s favorite team and start there.  Decorate with the best players on his team, or choose team logos.  Logos come in large and small sizes, and you can usually find a matching wall border.

Football is another huge deal, especially for boys.  Whether your son likes the AFC or NFC, you can find wall decals for all the team logos and popular football players.  Even better, choose your favorite team’s stadium and go with an oversized wall mural that depicts that stadium in all its colorful glory.

Girls Sports Decals

One of the coolest lines of sports wall stickers is called ‘Sudden Shadows’.  While these come in both boys and girls styles, the girls decals are coolest.


Check out the girls softball and soccer decals, designed with accompanying sports phrases and cool, modern flair!

Sudden shadows also has some very popular dance and ballet decals, as well as other girlie wall decals – the Sudden Shadows cheerleader is a great example – perfect for your daughter’s bedroom or sports-themed play room.

Extreme Sports Wall Decor

Skiing your child’s thing?  How about snowboarding or skateboarding?  With the advent of “extreme” marketing, and the addition of the X-Games, these types of sports are now wildly popular.  Check out the cool decals depicting all the extreme sports figures and events, usually captured in only the coolest action poses.

Personalized Sports Scoreboard Decals

One of the coolest things you can put on your son or daughter’s wall is something with their own name on it.  And with sports scoreboard decals, you can not only do that, but you can choose their number (and pick the final score) as well!

baseball-scoreboardScoreboards come in the following varieties: Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey.  Even Figure Skating and Soccer!

These amazing sports scoreboard wall murals are printed to your own specifications.  YOU choose the names, the numbers, the scores, etc…  When your scoreboard arrives, just peel off the protective backing and smooth it right onto your child’s wall.  They go great over the headboard of a bed, or high on an existing open wall.  Like all removable vinyl decals they can be peeled off and stuck back on in a different location… just remove, reposition, and re-use!  Your little one will love seeing his or her name up in lights!Visit Wall Sticker Outlet’s sports wall stickers page for a full line of what’s available.