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Kitchen Wall Sticker Ideas

Decorating your kitchen is one of the more fun activities you can engage in around the home. This is because the kitchen is in many ways a “work” place where food is stored, meals are made and families gather to eat and enjoy each other’s company.Country Wreath Kitchen Decal

It’s no surprise to see decorations around the kitchen that help liven up the atmosphere and reflect the taste, humor and sensibility of the kitchen area. However, finding the right type of decorations can prove to be problematic unless you consider all the options that are available.
Refrigerator magnets, commemorative glasses, kitsch clocks and kitchen “witches” are some of the more popular decorations that can be found in many kitchens around the world. However, there is one type of decoration that is always popular, enjoyable and can be changed with minimal effort and expense. Having kitchen stickers in your home can make all the difference in decorating this time-honored place in the house.

What are Kitchen Stickers?
The traditional sticker that has reusable backing is often found in kids’ rooms because they are fun, colorful and can be used and reused in different places. The same principle applies to kitchen stickers as they are colorful, decorative and tend to be much lighter in tone so that they brighten up the

Today, thanks to new printing methods and backing, stickers come in many different shapes, sizes and colors, all featuring a great amount of detail.  In addition, the new type of backing means that stickers can now be placed and moved easily without leaving behind any marks or residue.

A good kitchen decal is seen by everyone in the household, as well as guests, unlike many of the stickers found in kids’ bedrooms or playrooms. This means that the overall tone is generally more family-oriented and appealing to everyone rather than reflecting the true personal taste of the child. country-kitchen-stickers

Of course, there are exceptions to that rule and in many homes you’ll find kitchen stickers that reflect the true personality of the person who spends the most time there.
Stickers for the kitchen area include many different types from simple, colorful designs to exotic, message-type creations. But before you rush out the door to get some kitchen stickers, you’ll want to at least know where to start.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sticker
There is no scientific process or thesis paper you have to write in order to get the right stickers for your kitchen.  The best place is to begin with the following:

Color: You’ll want kitchen stickers that compliment the color of the room, so white or black is an obvious choice if you can’t really decide. However, you can simply keep in mind the color of the place where the stickers will go and know what will work for you.wallies-tuscan-mural

Theme: There are so many different sticker designs that you can actually choose a theme using different shapes and sizes that will work. For example, if you choose birds you can get them in different sizes and colors to put all over your kitchen to liven up the room.

Budget: Even buying stickers needs a budget, but fortunately they are relatively inexpensive. This is especially true if you compare them to many other decorating ideas. You can select one wall or small area of the kitchen and buy stickers for that and expand later if you desire.
Now that you are ready to go, just what kind of stickers really works for the kitchen?

Kitchen Shapes, Utensils and Items
A fairly popular and obvious one where spoons, spatulas and other items found around the kitchen take on sticker form so you can place them on walls and other places in your own kitchen. There are a number of wonderful designs that start with classic kitchen utensils that may be fancy or simply antique to more modern fare that provides a new look to the room.
It’s really amazing how one or two nice touches with using the right stickers can really make the kitchen your own. Plus, you can be funny or very decorative in your approach as it is all up to you.Family & Friends Dry Erase Decal

Dry Erase Decals

Some wall stickers come with a usable, writable surface!  These are perfect for kitchens, where people can leave notes for other family members, jot down grocery lists, or even leave reminders for themselves.  Dry erase decals come with their own non-permanent marker, and can easily be wiped clean with a paper towel, coat sleeve, or just about anything you can find in a pinch!

Decorative Stickers
These types of stickers cover a lot of territory, but basically they feature a familiar color or shape and can be used either alone or in multiples to carry out an effect. For example, if you have a number of fish stickers, they can be grouped together in a school just as birds can be shown in a flock. Or, you can pick stickers with particular geometric shapes and colors to decorate the

The commonality with decorative stickers is the shape themselves is what gives them their meaning. You can really let your imagination go to work when choosing from decorative stickers that provide a unique touch to your kitchen.

Many people – especially cooks – like to decorate their kitchen with a food type theme.  In that case there are countless wall decals depicting food, coffee, spices, and all sorts of cooking-related aspects of kitchen life.  Want tomatoes?  Peppers?  Carrots?  There’s something for just about every kitchen theme you can imagine that will bring out the foodie in you!

Customizable Message Stickers
A message sticker is one that features popular sayings, quotes or humorous comments that make the perfect decoration for the kitchen. Wine Wall Decals

Message stickers have become quite popular in recent years, so you can find your favorite quotes, sayings and funny remarks to decorate your walls, refrigerator or anyplace you feel they can be seen and read.

With so many message stickers out there, you can choose from many different themes.  There are funny messages, quirky ones, religious creeds… basically, you can find quite a few message stickers to decorate your kitchen, or you can even have your own customized decals made with a phrase all your own!

In addition to the aforementioned stickers, you can also use popular characters, items and many other different types of stickers that are made for the kitchen. When you put your mind to what you want to accomplish, kitchen stickers become a valuable decorating tool that cost very little money and yet they accomplish quite a bit.

Stickers are fun, highly decorative and removable so that you can put them in one place and then change things around when you are ready. There is nothing like using colorful decals to decorate a kitchen, especially when you are on a budget.

Check out all of our great kitchen wall stickers and start decorating right now!


Kitchen Decorating Ideas – Wine Edition!!

wine4Our customers are always looking for a quick and easy solution to change up their decor, and we have so many options to choose from, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming!  So we will be handpicking some of our customer favorites to share, room by room.  Lets start in the busiest room of the house…the kitchen!!  Most kitchens have some available wall space, but if you do not, you can use the backsplash area, cabinet doors, windows, even the appliances!!  You can throw a small area rug down, or put some picture frames or a pretty vase on the counter, but I personally need all the counter space I can get and the only place I have to make the kitchen personalized and my own is with wall decor and paint colors.

wine3I really like the wine theme for the kitchen, we have a few of our favorite options featured here and also have a few room packages we put together, you can view all the options here.







All of our options are peel and stick, which remove and reuse with ease, the only one that is not is the Bordeaux Wall in a Box, which is a accent wall in wallpaper, and goes great with the wine decals.  You can even use it as a  back splash!  Whichever you choose, you will love how simple it is to transform your kitchen into a cozy bistro atmosphere with these easy to use decals.  wine2

Stay tuned for our next Decorating Ideas blog entry!!


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Decorating Themes For Little Girls

Decorating a room, any room, is an exciting venture! So many decisions to make. A theme has to be chosen to set the tone for the furniture, the paint, what type of pictures to hang, and so on. An exciting way to decorate walls is to use our wall decals.  The variety of themes for wall decoration are endless! One very popular theme is the “Fantasy Collection”. There are so many ideas to give a room an adventurous feel.
Once Upon a Time Minute Mural
Little girls seem to love the fairytale decor!  Scenes of fantasy are always so much fun for any girl’s room. One great piece of decor that stands out is the “Once Upon a Time Fairy Tales Minute Mural”.

This is a hanging canvas mural that goes up in minutes and can dramatically (and beautifully!) change the look of your daughter’s bedroom.  It has the castle and the fairytale creatures; such a dreamy setting for a little girl!carousel-unicorn-minute-mural

And what young lady does not like whimsical fairy-tales? Even if that is not exactly her idea of a fairytale, there is the “Carousel Unicorn Minute Mural”. Growing up, little girls write all sorts of poems about unicorns. Even suspecting they might not be real, it’s fun to hope they might be. Unicorns are so mystical and they have the feminine aura. The colors of the mural are soft and pastel. Such a lovely choice for a young girl’s room. fairy-princess-decals

For toddlers, there is a really cool wall border with decals from the fantasy theme. It’s called “The Fairy Princess Peel and Stick Wall Border”, plus there are appliques to go with it!

What a precious view for a toddler. The pictures are soft and whimsical with pink and violet colors. The fantasy theme allows for a magical world to be opened up in a girl’s bedroom. If your daughter has a favorite story that you read every night before bed, this will bring the story to life while you are reading it. There are thousands of different decals to choose that surely a set or a group of decals will coincide with the story.

These wall decals are not damaging to your new paint. They are decals, not wallpaper. Each decal is easily adhered and when it is time for removal, there is not any damage to the paint. The art and colors are clear and vibrant, simply peel the decals and smooth them onto your any wall in your daughter’s room.ballerina-wall-sticker

Another great idea for little girls are the Ballet and Ballerina Wall Decals. What a perfect theme for the five year old who goes to dance class every week and dreams of being a ballerina when she grows up!

The “Ballerina – Sudden Shadows” Decals are graceful and just as the name indicates, the sticker itself has a shadowy hue, allowing the background paint to show through the decal itself. The colors are an aspiring dancer’s dream for her bedroom.

An inspirational decal for the young lady who is a little older is the “Dancing is Dreaming” wall decal sticker. dancing-is-dreaming-sticker

It says “Dancing is like dreaming with your feet”. This is a motivational quote for the young dancer’s wall, and is a perfect fit for over your daughter’s bed or headboard.

The “Ballet Wall Decals with Glitter” could be also used in addition with some of the other decals to jazz things up for the little dancer in your heart.

Some of us have little girls who aren’t yet into the princess and fairy stories. For these little girls, there are bug decals. They aren’t just any bugs, they are butterflies and ladybugs!bedtime-butterfly

The colors are vibrant and they are just fun.  “Bedtime Butterfly Appliques” can be put all over the room. Some could be applied to the ceiling (if your ceiling is smooth) to give the appearance of flying overhead. What a lovely scene to look at as she falls asleep! hoppy-pond-decals

Another extremely popular decal mural is the “Hoppy Pond Peel and Stick Appliques”.

This one has a pond so it could be applied on the lower section of wall. A person could decorate the room with the two appliques I have mentioned to make an even more scenic theme. This would make a child feel happy and warm.

Another favorite decal for an infant’s room is “Pandas in Cherry Blossoms Tree wall decal.” What a beautiful wall decoration for a nursery!It is soft and the colors are pastel. The panda artwork is precious and gives the nursery a look of beauty as if you spent more money than you did decorating it. panda-decals

As mothers, we know the importance of colors and beauty around a newborn. It is important for their well-being and in their development. Decorating a nursery can be expensive and stressful. What an easy and fun way to involve the other children and get the nursery ready without tremendous fuss.

Another fun choice are the “Butterflies Flowers Peel and Stick Wall Stickers”. Again, these can be used in arrangement with some of the other bug and butterfly decals. The great thing about some of these decals is that you can put them anywhere you choose. They are individual decals so you can create your own masterpiece.butterfly-flower-stickers

Children love stickers! What a great way to get them involved with decorating their own bedroom! It will make them feel as though they are a part of it, they own it.  When a little one feels this way, they tend to take more pride in keeping it clean, or at least picked up. It is a wonderful way to involve the whole family without having a huge mess to clean up when you are finished.

And if your little girl is old enough?  Let her help!  The beauty of peel-and-stick decals is that you can remove and reposition them anywhere.  There can never be any mistakes, and you can always fix a misplaced sticker!

Wall decals give an entirely new look to a young girl’s room without spending thousands of dollars. They are easily applied and just as easily removed if needed. This is a great way to theme a young girl’s room making her feel you gave her the world!

Love Themed Wall Stickers

“I do …and I always will,” reads one of the most touching wall stickers available on the Wall Sticker Outlet, and can be the perfect decoration for your home near your wedding photos, memories, in the bedroom – or just about anywhere!  I Do Wall Decal

This is only one example of some of the beautiful love related wall stickers available – and they are so versatile with so many uses!

If you are looking to put a sticker on your car such as the infamous “Just Married,” you’re in luck!  The Wall Sticker Outlet has these available along with other wedding-related quotes for your special day or for memories to last a lifetime.  Our wedding stickers can be used at the ceremony site or reception as well – or even at a bachelorette party, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

The Wall Sticker Outlet also has tons of different heart wall stickers for so many different occasions.  If you are looking for a wall decoration for the nursery, you can get heart stickers that are baby themed.  Heart stickers

Our love themed hearts are perfect for children, and little girls love our pink hearts to put all over their rooms.

Looking for chalk board wall stickers?  The Outlet has them in stock – and heart shaped! Heart-Shaped Chalkboard Decal

Like all chalkboard decals this heart is peel-and-stick, goes right onto any smooth surface, and can be written on and erased, over and over again, with normal chalk.  We even provide the chalk for you!  Great for leaving quick notes, or writing something sweet when your loved-one isn’t home.  From family themed wall stickers to inspiring love quote wall decorations, you can find it all!

We even have a Frozen sticker, with the quote, “”Only an act of true love will thaw a freezing heart.”  The love between the Frozen sisters may be something awesome to display on your child’s wall – what a beautiful story to display!Disney Frozen Sticker

You can set up a love theme with our wall stickers, for example, if you want to create a patterned border or only put them near windows – the possibilities are endless!  Surprise your significant other on Valentine’s Day with a trail of hearts leading to a special gift or dinner.  Write a message on a heart and put it somewhere to surprise the love of your life.  Decorate a part of your home to show off your photo memories.  So many options!

Even if you are not interested in love themed wall stickers, you can always give them as gifts to someone you love!  Who could ask for a better gift than one that provides lasting memories and also helps beautify their home?  We have such a variety of stickers that no matter what theme you are seeking, you can find it for that special someone.

Don’t miss out on what the Wall Sticker Outlet has to offer.  You will not be disappointed at our selection of wall stickers at great prices.  Check out our store to find love wall stickers for your wedding, anniversary, gift, children – or any occasion at all!