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Americana Themed Wall Decals

america4On this holiday weekend, we would like to highlight some of our popular Americana themed decals.  From stars to apples, we have everything you need to update your decor in minutes.  Transform that boring hallway with a trail of Country Stars and Berries…….bring life to that living room wall with a cabin window mural….the options are endless!!  america1





Many people fly an American flag outside their house, bring one inside year round with our Vintage American Flag decal.


Are you proud to be in the military or have generations of family that have served our country?  Then display their photos and decorate around them with some star decals and our American Flag/God Bless America mural.

roommates-country-chalkboard-sticker-2Welcome your friends and keep track of your busy days with our Welcome Friends Country Chalkboard.  Many people use this in the kitchen or office, but another great place is right by the front door, you can leave messages for your family members and it looks great!

Be sure to check out our whole selection of American themed and Country decals, borders and wall murals here at Wall Sticker Outlet.  Many of our items coordinate, do not hesitate to contact us is you need any assistance in figuring out measurements, use or placement, we love to help you decorate!!


Mother’s Day Flowers that Last Forever

Mother’s day!  It’s full of fun and family and flowers!  But a week or two later?  Those flowers are gone… lost forever, retained only in memory.

Tulip StickersBut what if you could keep those flowers alive… forever?

What if there were a way for mom to enjoy her flowers day after day, year after year, the colors and patterns filling her day with joy and great memories?

Well you’re in for some good news… because now there is!

Presenting: Instant-stick vinyl floral decals!

Wall murals like the one above are a beautiful way of instantly decorating any home.  They’re the perfect mother’s day gift because the flowers never need water.  They never wilt, never fade, and your mom never has to throw them away.  She can enjoy them for years to come!

And when she’s done?  Since these decals are peel-and-stick, all you need to is gently peel remove them.  Unlike wallpaper there’s no glue involved, which means no sticky residue and no mess left behind!  This is perfect whether mom has a house, apartment, condo, or anywhere she happens to call home.Wall Orchid

Floral wall decals are colorful and gorgeous, depicting some of the most popular flowers on the planet Earth.  This makes it easy to choose mom’s favorite, whether it be roses, daisies, tulips… even a beautiful wild orchid, seen here to the right.

A perfectly-placed flower mural can be an elegant addition to any decor.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve decorated your home in country or contemporary, or any other style… flowers are always timeless, and they transcend any decorating theme.

Tulip DecalSome of the most popular styles of wall flower stickers: tulips.  This variety of plant comes in many styles and the petals bloom in a wide array of fantastic, vibrant colors.  Pink, red, yellow, orange… tulips are always going to be a flower fan-favorite!

Roses, of course, are another excellent choice.  Like tulips, roses come in just about every color of the rainbow.  You can even get blue ones!

Wall Trees for Home Decorating

For the times when a flower won’t cut it, you need something bolder.  Stronger.  This is where peel-and-stick wall trees come in!

Wall Tree DecalWall trees can be both elegant and beautiful.  There are dozens of styles, ranging from huge oaks to bamboo forests… from oversized maple trees trailing leaves in the breeze to delicate Japanese cherry trees complete with falling blossoms.  In many cases you can even choose the color of your tree, flowers, or blossoms!

Check out our the Wall Tree Murals section of our website to browse all your available options.

Family is the Biggest Part of Mother’s Day

Another great idea for mother’s day?  The Family Tree Wall Decal.

Family Tree Wall StickerThis mammoth, impressive wall decal stretches 9 feet wide and 7.5 feet high!  Its many branches are perfect for holding all the pictures of your beautiful family, from baby pictures to wedding photos and everything in between!

Simply frame your favorite shots and hang them anywhere within the Family Tree.  Then invite some friends over and watch their reaction to this amazingly unique and stylish wall mural!

Final Thoughts on Mother’s Day Decorating

On Mother’s Day there’s only one thing to remember: nothing’s more important than making mom happy.  And although flowers are always nice, the most thoughtful gift is one she’ll be able to cherish for years and more.

In Bloom Tulip MuralSo the next time you’re spending time with mom?  Make note of her walls!  Are they bare?  Barren?  Do they need new life and color breathed into them?  Of course they do!  You can always find somewhere in any home that needs an update, and nothing can instantly transform a room faster and more dramatically than this full selection of beautiful floral decals.

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

Disney Frozen Wall Decals Are Here!!

Frozen Wall Decals

The hit of Christmas was clearly Disney’s Frozen wall decals!  Slated to be one of Disney’s biggest hits, delight your child with these peel and stick, removable and reusable wall decals, featuring your favorite Frozen characters.  We have a giant Elsa, complete with glittery accents on her dress.  Anna is sweetly portrayed and comes with scrolly, flower accent stickers.  Olaf is a must have, he comes with two Olaf decals for twice the fun!  The Frozen decal set is a great addition to the giant decals, they include Kristoff, Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the Moose!


My favorite is the saying “Forever Sisters”, such a sweet message!

Frozen Decal Pack

To make your decorating easier, we offer the Frozen decal pack, which includes one of each and will transform your child’s bedroom or playroom into a magical wintery wonderland in minutes.  Just peel off the paper and smooth onto the wall.  When you are ready to move them….just remove and reuse them on another wall.

Check out Wall Sticker Outlet for all your wall decor needs!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Teens

Its that time of year again!  Time to start thinking of buying for the holidays.  For the next few weeks, we will showcase some ideas for certain people in our life.  This week?  Teenagers!! Buying for your teenager or teenage family member can be tricky.  With two teenagers in our home, I know how quickly their tastes and things they like can change, making it hard to shop for them now, because who knows if they will still like it in December!

Here are a few ideas that are timeless winners for teenagers, and make great reasonably priced gifts for the upcoming holidays:

Dry Erase:  A great gift for boys and girls, and perfect for dorm rooms, as they are removable and reusable.

Dry Erase













Wall Sticker Photo Frames:   These peel and stick frames are amazing, so easy to put up, just line your photo up in the back, and stick to the wall.  No glass, no holes in the wall and no mess!  And they can change out the photos whenever they want, they can be used over and over again.

Peel and Stick Frames

A fun gift for boys is a Fathead.  Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, get their favorite player or team logo!  There are Real Big fatheads that are lifesized and we also have a line of junior fatheads, which are great if you do not have room for a 6 foot decal on your wall!  Check out the whole Fathead collection here.


Girls just want to have fun!  This decal is perfect for your fashion forward teen!  We have a whole section dedicated to fashion and bling, check out the selection here:

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Shopping for your teenagers should be as fun and easy as when they were little!  We have free shipping in the US all the time, even if you need your shipments sent to multiple locations for the holiday season, please just let us know if you need this when you place your order.




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Decorating Your Walls for Halloween!

Hosting a Halloween party?  Just looking to decorate?  Whatever reason you might be looking for, it’s that time of year!  Time to decorate for Halloween!halloween1

For many people, Halloween is one of the most fun and exciting holidays you’ll encounter all year!

First of all, it doesn’t require presents: meaning it’s a pretty stress-free occasion.  Second of all, it doesn’t require travel, or big family get-togethers… it’s just a fun excuse to dress up, buy candy, and transform your home – and especially your walls – a spooky, eerie, haunted house-like experience!

When decorating for Halloween you’ve got many things to consider.  First are the standard Halloween decorations.

These include the bats, witches, and skeletons you store in the attic and hang up year after year.  Some might be paper, some plastic… some might even be elaborate 3-D or talking versions designed to jump out and spook people as they pass by.  You put these on tables, countertops, and mantles.

But what about your walls?

One thing that many people don’t realize is there are a wide variety of peel and stick Halloween wall decals you can decorate with.  Best of all, if you save the protective vinyl backing the stickers came on?  You can peel them off and put them back once the holiday is done, making them usable again and again, year after year!halloween2

The biggest Halloween staple of them all?  Jack-O-Lanterns!  To the left you’ll find an excellent example of a removable, reusable, and totally repositionable Jack-O-Lantern wall decal.  Peel it, place it, and enjoy!

These decals can go anywhere in your home, on any smooth surface, with no glue, no mess, and no fuss.  Take them down and re-use them for next Halloween.  The “stickiness” never goes away, and you’ll be able to enjoy the decorations over and over again.

Is bats and witches more your thing?  This Wallies Happy Halloween Decal Set is right up your alley.

halloween3This package of 18+ cats, bats, witches and jack-o-lanterns gives great latitude when decorating.

Create your own design, spreading the decals out over a larger area, or place them exactly as seen in the photo here.

Use them to decorate around a table, or by the couch… they’re perfect for living room, kitchen, or any room in the house.  As seen in the photo, you can also place these decals on cookie jars, cabinets, your refrigerator… pretty much any smooth surface!

Looking for a more spooky vibe?  Skeletons have long been one of the most iconic of all Halloween decorations.  When it comes to skeleton wall stickers, you have two different options.

The first is the Wallies Skeleton Halloween Decalhalloween4

At nearly 6′ tall, it can instantly transform your wall into something absolutely spooktacular!

This skull-and-bones decal is perfect for doors as well, and can be placed on the front door of your home (yes, even outside!) as long as the surface is smooth.

(Clean your door first with some soap and water before placing the decal for best results).

But hey – do you have children, and want to get the little ones involved?  The Build-Your-Own-Skeleton Kit is the way to go!  With this fun package of vinyl appliques, your children and their friends can build their skeleton from the feet up… or from the skull down!


The assembled project stands over three feet tall, comes with bats and spiders decals as well, and best of all… IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!

For younger children who aren’t looking to be spooked, consider a more innocent collection of wall decals.halloween6

The peel and place Halloween mural you see below is fun, cute, and non-threatening.  It’s perfect for the playroom, or even your son or daughter’s bedroom too.

The mural contains children Trick or Treating while dressed as witches, mummies, ghosts, and vampires… including graveyards and haunted houses that won’t send your little ones running for the hills.  And since everything is repositonable?  Children can help you decorate with these stickers – all without the fear of making a mistake.

This decal also comes with a FULL ALPHABET of peel-and-place decals, meaning your child can personalize it with whatever phrase comes to mind (Happy Halloween, Trick or Treat, Boo, etc…) or even use the letters to spell out their own name!

Remember, when Halloween is over?  Place your wall stickers back into the protective packaging and safely store them away for next year.  And don’t forget to check out full line of ALL Holiday Wall Stickers for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and more!


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