Decorating Ideas for Baby’s Nursery

Have a little one on the way?  Nothing’s more exciting!  Yet before your little prince or princess arrives, you’ll want to have your nursery absolutely perfect.  And nothing’s more perfect than the simplicity, convenience, and cost-effective decorating you can do with these baby nursery wall decals!


cuddle-buddies-wall-decalsThey’re soft, they’re fluffy… they’re adorable!  The cuddle buddies decals shown above are an absolutely amazing way to decorate baby’s nursery.  For starters, they are gender neutral: perfect for moms who are waiting for delivery day to be surprised by the sex of their baby.  It doesn’t matter if you have a boy or a girl; the Cuddle Buddies line of wall stickers and wall border are a lovable addition to any baby’s room.

Best of all is their flexibility – each individual sticker can go anywhere you want it.  Customize and have fun decorating your walls with them, and if you happen to misplace one?  Simply peel it off and move it!  These decals are fully removable and repositionable, meaning you can re-stick them again and again.

The Cuddle Buddies line also includes some beautiful Faux Dresser Wallpaper, Drawer Wallpaper Border, and an adorable Cuddle Buddies Growth Chart.  These items are not peel-and-stick, they are prepasted wallpaper, so make sure you place them where you want them!


scroll-tree-wall-stickerSeen anything cuter than this?  Probably not.  Our colorful, imaginative Scroll Tree is one of the most popular and best-selling pieces in our entire Baby Nursery line.

The delicate branches and vibrant animals of the Scroll Tree are perfect for any little one, meaning you can decorate your nursery even if you haven’t already had the pleasure of knowing whether you’re having a boy or a girl.  There are also accessories that go with the Scroll Tree line, including extra branches (perfect for corners and wall edges), plus an incredibly adorable Scroll Tree Personalized Letter Branch that allows you to customize and personalize your nursery with your baby’s name!

Animal Silhouettes Color Wall Decals

animal-silhouettes-wall-decalsFarm animals and Zoo/Safari animals are popular decorating choices when it comes to kids rooms.  For a baby’s nursery, you’ll want these animals soft and inviting, depicted in pastel colors that are soothing and fun.

That’s exactly the case here, with these Animal Silhouette decals.  Giraffe, Hippo, Crocodile, Pelican, Toucan, Turtle, Flamingo, two Monkeys and Birds… you’ll arrange them however you want, in exactly the right configuration that fits your son or daughter’s room.  There’s also a brown version of this same decal set, for a more silhouetted look, and they also go perfect with these Alphabet Appliques, which pair every letter of the alphabet with a cute, corresponding animal.


alphabet-pastel-minute-muralWant something a little different?  Rather than stickers or decals, this Alphabet Minute Mural is a vibrant, beautifully-printed piece of canvas wall art that you can hang in your baby’s nursery.  The kit comes complete with metal suspension bars, hanging hardware, and full instructions on how to set it up in mere minutes!

The version above is the Pastel version.  If you like less-muted colors, check out this brighter version of the same Alphabet mural.


two-monkeys-on-a-tree-decalThis is the perfect wall sticker for over the crib!

Monkeys are pretty hot right now, and these adorable little ones will be the first thing your son or daughter sees when they wake up each morning.  There are a wide variety of different poses, trees, leaves, and monkeys available, so if you like the idea of this wall decal please check out all our other monkey sticker design choices.


our-little-prince-princess-baby-stickerDoes your baby’s nursery need a personal touch?  Add one with this Prince / Princess personalized wall decal!

This peel-and-stick birth announcement is a cool way to display your son or daughter’s full name and birthdate.  Just enter that information during checkout and a sticker will be printed up especially for you.  Even cooler?  That you can pick from one of 23 different colors!  This gives you the opportunity to match the rest of your nursery decor and add the decal later one, once you’ve had your baby and picked a name.


gems-friends-farm-decalsWant something really cute?  Join Gem and her friends with these fun farm animals!  Pig, cow, donkey, sheep, goat, ducks and dog – everyone is accounted for in these soft, pastel-like peel-and-stick wall decals than can add a farmhouse touch to your baby nursery.


winnie-the-pooh-decalsLast but certainly not least: the classics!  Winnie the Pooh is timeless… and absolutely adorable when decorating for a soon-to-be arriving baby.  It doesn’t matter if you have a boy or girl; the adventures of Winnie the Pooh have been entertaining children for decades.

For Pooh fanatics, you might also want to check out this fantastic Winnie the Pooh wall art, fun, full-scene Pooh wall panels, our Swinging for Honey wall decal, and so many other Pooh-themed decorations you’ll have to go here to see them all!


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