Spider-man..Into the Spider-Verse…


With the newest Spider-Man movie just out with rave reviews, there is a whole new batch of Spidey fans out there.  From making his debut in 1962 in the comic book Amazing Fantasy #15, Spider-Man has spun his web over several generations.  Spider-Man is easily one of the most recognized “Superheroes” in the Marvel Universe, and if you have a little (or big:) Spider-Man fan, then we have the wall decor for you!


Into the Spider-Verse has two options just out, a giant Miles Morales Spider-Man, and matching decals from the movie featuring Miles Morales, Peter Parker, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and more.  Make with high quality vinyl, made to simply peel and stick, these decals can be used again and again.  Put them on walls, doors, mirrors, furniture…man cave walls….any clean smooth surface will work.



Perhaps you like the more traditional Spider-Man, or the Classic Spider-Man?  Both are great options and are available as giant peel and stick wall decals as well.  We showcase a huge assortment of Superhero decals, maybe match them up with other ones from the Marvel Universe. Perfect for over a bed or dresser, in the playroom, and the best part is your child can help you put them up in just minutes.  Not where you want them?  Just peel them off and start over.  Moving and want to take the decals with you?  If you do not have the original paper they came on then lay them on wax paper and roll them up.  Its really that simple.  Just be sure to make sure your paint is cured (about 2 weeks after you paint) to install.


If you have a full wall (or chair rail) to work with, then these showstopping XL wall murals are the way to go.  Measuring 6.5′ high by 10′ wide, they are made of surestrip, which means they come off with ease and leave no damage to the walls.  At all.  And they come in multiple panels for easy installation. The pattern is already lined up so once you have the first one up, it is a breeze from there.  There are several options for Spider-Man in these murals, my favorite is the web slinging one, it’s just so iconic!

Check out the entire selection of Spider-Man decals here and have fun creating your Superhero lair!




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