Top 10 Tips to Installing and Reusing Wall Decals

Over the years we have heard and dealt with so many potential issues and solutions with wall decals and we wanted to share our top tips on installing and reusing/removing them.

Peel and stick wall decals have come a very long way since tatouage (rub on decals) and cut outs that required paste to install.  Now, there are really two types of decals, transfer decals and peel and stick decals.  This post is going to focus on peel and stick decals with tips on transfer decals coming soon.  Peel and stick wall decals come on a backing paper and are die cut into the vinyl so you can just peel them off the paper and smooth them onto the wall.  The majority of the ones made can be removed and reused if done correctly.

Some of the top vendors in this category are Roommates Decor , Wallies, Wall Pops and Fathead.  All of the vendors mentioned carry decal lines for the nursery, kids rooms, home decor, and wall words.  Fathead carries thousands of licensed items, most specifically sports decals featuring your favorite players in the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB.  Roommates Decor carries hundreds of licensed kids wall decals from Disney, Marvel and many more.

Here are out top install tips for peel and stick decals:

  1. make sure the surface you want the decal on is smooth and clean.  Meaning, no texture (although mild and flat texture like orange peel is normally ok) and wipe down the surface with a dry cloth to remove any dust or debris.
  2. a laser level is your friend.  Much easier (and you don’t risk damage to your walls) than bulky metal levels, a laser level is amazing at making sure your decals line up and look great.
  3. peel the decal off the paper slowly.  Although many are made of thicker high grade vinyl, you can stretch out the decal if you pull it to aggressively.
  4. use your credit card to help smooth out the decals from the inside out or from one side to the other.  It is much easier to peel off and adjust placement if all the sides are not smoothed down.  A credit card will help take out any air bubbles so you do not have to keep peeling it up.  Just push and gently guide the air bubble to the edge of the decal.
  5. your last choice of interior walls to install decals on is an “exterior wall” (inside of an exterior wall of your home)  Those walls are generally more sensitive to temperature changes and that can affect your decals staying on the wall.
  6. never install decals over or under a heat source.  They will promptly peel off or curl at the edges.
  7. if you have just painted the room I know it is exciting and you will want to install the decals right away to decorate the room.  But your best bet is to hold off for about two weeks to allow the paint to cure.  Installing decals on uncured paint is asking for all sorts of issues, including ripping the paint off the wall when you remove the decals!
  8. which leads me into removing your wall decals.  If you are not reusing a wall decal and want to get it off quickly and with no damage, use a hair dryer on medium setting on the decal.  It will lift up and then you simply peel the decal up and discard it.  If you are reusing it, slide your nail or thin blade gently under the decal and slowly lift up without pulling to hard.
  9. if there is residue on the wall, or an outline of the decal left, we recommend using a magic eraser on the wall, wet and wrung out.  Gently go over the outline or residue and it should come right up.
  10. Want to reuse the decals and move them to another room, house or just hold off a minute?  Use wax paper to put the decals on (sticky side to the wax paper) and just roll up the wax paper loosely to transport or save.  It is the next best thing to the original paper they come on.

I hope you have enjoyed our tips and if you have any questions on your install, please feel free to reach out to us via email, we have just about installed it all and would be happy to help!


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