Urbanwalls Wall Decals, Wallpaper & Murals!

Starting in 2009, this husband and wife team have created a beautiful business making custom wall decor that is stunning and most importantly safe for your walls.  Peel and stick wall decals, wallpaper and murals that are not only creative and unique, but feature one of the prettiest color pallets I have ever seen.  Urbanwalls Wall murals measure 11.5 Feet wide x 9 Feet high and come in managable strips for an easy install.  Their wallpaper comes in several sizes and has several colors available in each pattern.  Wall decals are custom cut to emphasize just the design with no edges and are easily installed and removable with no damage to your walls.  I promise, you will fall in love with one or more of Urbanwalls creations (check out the watercolor line 🙂 and happy shopping!!

All images below are from Urbanwalls Instagram and are all customer photos!

Blue Watercolor Polka Dots


The Botanist Wallpaper


Wildheart Decals


Ophelia Wallpaper


Coral Watercolor Dots


Laguna Wall Mural in Calm Cove


Blushing Peonies Wall Decals



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