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Kids Theme Room Ideas - Wall Sticker Outlet

Nothing's cuter or more personalized than setting your child up with the perfect theme bedroom. Below you'll find details on the most popular kids theme room ideas for both boys and girls, as well as wall stickers, decals, and full-length murals to make those walls POP!

Dino Bedroom Theme

Dinosaur Theme Boys Bedroom Ideas

Everyone loves dinosaurs! And if your little boy is going through a dino-phase, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better bedroom or playroom theme than decorating with dinosaurs.

(Click Here To See Full Dinosaur Bedroom Theme)

Princess Bedroom Theme

Disney Princess Bedroom Theme Decor

There's not a little girl out there who hasn't dreamed of being a princess. If your daughter is caught up in the Disney Princess magic, this is the theme room she'll remember forever!

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Superhero Bedroom Theme

Superhero Bedroom Themes & Decor

Every child dreams of being a hero. They think about super powers, about saving people in danger, about the thrill of fighting bad guys. Does this sound like your child?

(Click Here To See Full Superhero Bedroom Theme)

Sports Bedroom Theme

Sports Bedroom Theme Ideas

Raising a little sports fan? Nothing can be as cool, exciting, or even inspirational as dedicating your child's room to his favorite sport - whether they actually play, or are just a major-league fan.

(Click Here To See Full Sports Bedroom Theme)

Space Bedroom Theme

Outer Space Room Theme Decor

Outer space... it triggers the imagination of every young boy at one time or another. If your son dreams of being and astronaut and visiting the stars, a space-themed room might be just the trick.

(Click Here To See Full Space Bedroom Theme)

Jungle Bedroom Theme

Jungle Bedroom Theme For Kids

Children inherently love animals; from a very young age we're surrounded by stuffed lions, tigers, monkeys, and other animal-themed toys. This makes the jungle bedroom a very popular motif.

(Click Here To See Full Jungle Bedroom Theme)

Pirate Bedroom Theme

Pirate Bedroom Theme For Kids

Between Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the overall romanticism of pirates in general, little boys have been pretending to raid the seven seas, swords in hand, for a very long time.

(Click Here To See Full Pirate Bedroom Theme)

Undersea Kids Room Theme

Undersea & Ocean Room Ideas

Explore the beauty and majesty of the ocean and all it's creatures! Decorating with an undersea landscape is an amazing way to decorate your child's bedroom, playroom, or even your baby's nursery.

(Click Here To See Full Undersea & Ocean Theme)

Dancer Ballet Room Theme

Dancer & Ballerina Themed Bedroom

Is your little girl a dancer? Does she aspire to be a ballerina? Check out the many decorating and wall decor options available while putting together your little ballerina or dancer's themed bedroom!

(Click Here To See Full Dancing & Ballet Theme)

Sesame Street Room Theme

Sesame Street Theme Room

Got a Sesame Street addict? For generations, kids have loved these colorful characters while learning their ABC's. Browse through our Sesame Street giant wall decals of Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and all the show's favorites.

(Click Here To See Full Sesame Street Theme)

Winnie the Pooh Theme

Winnie the Pooh Theme Room or Nursery

Everyone loves Pooh! For years this timeless classic has been a great decorating theme for boys rooms, girls rooms, and especially for baby's nursery. Find out how to create a theme room of Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and all the 100 Aker friends.

(Click Here To See Full Winnie the Pooh Room Ideas)

Tinker Bell Theme

Tinker Bell Fairy Themed Bedroom

Disney's classic icon: Tinkerbell! For decades she's been every little girl's tiny flying princess. Now you can decorate an entire theme around Tinker Bell and her fairy friends; Silvermist, Iridessa, Rosetta, Fawn, and more!

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