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Pirate Bedroom Theme Decorating

The romance and adventure of the pirate age has always captured the imagination. It's also an amazing room theme for boys bedrooms and play rooms, with a lot of very unique decor and accessories to offer.

Pirate Sticker Decals
Pirates Peel and Stick Appliques

Pirates have been around forever, but only in recent years have they become increasingly popular. Disney's infamous Captain Jack Sparrow character, coupled with three very successful Pirates of the Caribbean movies, have inspired youngsters everywhere to envision themselves as the captain of their very own pirate ship.

With Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (On Stranger Tides) on the way, it's a safe bet that this theme will continue to be popular for a very long time. So if your son is into pretending he's a swashbuckling raider of the seven seas, a pirates-themed bedroom is simple and easy to do.

Pirate Theme Wall Murals

Starting off, you may want to dedicate one wall of your child's room to an XL pirate wall mural. These 10-foot long works of wall art are laser-sharp and beautifully printed on high quality paper that can be easily applied in just minutes.

Pirates Wall Mural
Beach Pirate Ship Wall Mural

These murals can instantly transform the room into the deck of a pirate ship, putting your little one right in the middle of the action. Imagine his face when he's standing on the deck of an imaginary pirate ship, surrounded by cannons, crew, masts and sails. This is a great start for decorating the rest of the room with nautical memorabilia and other pirate-type accessories.

There's even a 15-foot 'build your own' pirate mural you can use to create an amazing ship scene. The deck of the ship is installed at chair rail height, with the sails smoothed on up near the ceiling. This lends a 3-D element to your mural, complete with pirate crew drawing swords and getting ready for battle.

Forty Thieves Pirate Mural
Forty Thieves Wall Minute Mural

Other pirate-themed murals depict stone-edged windows looking out over beautiful Caribbean scenery. These murals depict rogue sailors looking through spyglasses or even burying giant chests full of gold coins and treasure. Use them to create the feel of being inside a pirate fort, and peering out over a beach scene.

Treasure Maps and Customizable Pirate Wall Decals

Want to impress your child with his very own pirate-themed wall sticker? Check out the pirate sword wall decal shown below!

Customized Pirate Wall Mural
Personalized Pirate Sword Wall Decal

The crossed swords are dangerous enough, but you also get to add your little one's name above that pair of razor-sharp pirate cutlasses. This peel-and-stick decal is available in 45 different colors, so you can perfectly match it to whatever paint color scheme your pirate room happens to be employing at the time.

And what would a pirate motif be without a treasure map? Pirates need treasure, and every little boy's imagination lights up at the idea of finding his very own pirate treasure map.

Choose from a wide variety of treasure map options, including pirate's peel and stick treasure mural that can be customized with your son's own name. There's no better way to mark his territory than by adding this personalized touch.

Treasure Map Wall Decor
Pirate's Treasure Map Wall Mural

There are some amazing treasure map wall borders and decals you can apply to the room as well, complete with a compass rose and 'X' marks the spot.

These borders can anchor the walls to the ceiling, while lending an antique nautical feel to the rest of your pirate theme.

Want something colorful and fun? Check out the Mad Libs dry erase pirate's map wall sticker that comes with its own dry erase pen! You and your little one can write on it again and again, creating a hilariously different pirate story each and every time you use it.

Pirates of The Caribbean Wall Stickers

Jack Sparrow Decals
Pirates of the Caribbean Cartoon Room Appliques

If Jack Sparrow is your son's favorite pirate, you can find two types of wall decor having to do with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

One uses images and logos directly from the movies, and the other includes cartoon wall appliques of Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and the rest of the POTC gang.

The skull and crossbones made famous by swashbucklers everywhere also comes in the Pirates of the Caribbean logo design, complete with trademark tattered bandana. The same goes for the gold coin logo from The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Use the self-stick decorating kit or the pre-packaged room appliques to decorate any smooth surface of your child's room, and be sure to get your little pirate involved by allowing him to place these stickers himself.

They're safe anywhere because they're completely removable and repositionable... so you just can't make a mistake! Move them over and over again, when your youngster changes his mind or when he outgrows the pirate theme altogether.

Be sure to visit our Pirate Wall Decals page for dozens of great wall stickers, borders, and full-sized pirate wall murals for your son's bedroom or playroom!

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