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Princess & Disney Princess Themed Bedroom Ideas

Does your daughter own what she considers to be a princess dress? Does she have a magic wand? A cute little jeweled tiara and maybe a glass slipper or two?

Giant Princess Wall Sticker
Disney Cinderella Giant Jeweled Wall Decal

Of all girls bedroom themes out there, the princess theme is most popular. Being a princess evokes dreams of castles and royalty; of beautiful gowns, elegant balls, and whimsical, romantic storytelling.

Among princess theme room ideas, the many magical princesses of Disney have dominated every aspect of children's decor - from princess quilts and bedspreads to the very rug your daughter walks on when she enters the room.

In other words, princess decor is everywhere. And what better place to start than the walls of your childs' room, where you can instantly and dramatically make transformations using all different kinds of Disney princess wall murals, stickers, and peel-and-stick wall decals.

Choosing The Type of Princess Room Your Little Girl Wants

First and foremost, you'll need to decide upon one thing: do you go with a Disney princess theme room? Or just an overall 'princess' room that's not limited to Disney characters?

Tinker Bell Wall Decals
Disney Tinker Bell Self Stick Decorating Kit

Before making such a decision, be sure to check with your daughter first. She may already own every single Disney princess movie out there, and if so she'll have specific tastes.

To help you in your decorating quest, here's a list of the current Disney princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Aurora (from Beauty and the Beast), Mulan, Jasmin (from Aladdin), Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog), Rapunzel (from Tangled), and even Tinker Bell. And tes, Disney has confirmed it; Tinkerbell is a princess!

Whether you go strictly with a Disney theme or include a smattering of other types of princess decor, make sure you choose items that complement your daughter's bedroom.

Start with painting the walls a pink or lavender color, as most princess decor will match these shades. You might also want to go with a royal purple, or a harlequin pattern using diamonds of alternating color. This is a tough thing to do, but looks very dramatic when used as an accent wall.

Princess Wall Murals - Get Dramatic Results Instantly

By far, one of the most dramatic statements you can make in your child's bedroom is with a full-length wall mural. Beautifully printed in vibrant color, they go up in just minutes and can quickly transform the plain walls of your daughter's bedroom into a fantastic realm of princesses, castles, and royalty.

Disney Princess Mural
Disney Perfect Princess XL Wall Mural

While most Disney wall decals are peel-and-stick, some of the larger princess murals are prepasted. Although not removable and repositionable like their peel/stick counterparts, these murals go on easily with little more than a sponge and some water.

Princess Growth Charts, White Boards, & Chalkboard Decals

Think wall stickers end with simple peel and stick application of your daughter's favorite princesses? Well you'd better think again, because there are also some very unique smooth-on decals that have more practical uses other than being pretty to look at.

Disney Princess Chalkboard Decal
Disney Princess Chalkboard Wall Decal

For example, check out the Disney Princess Chalkboard Sticker seen here. It comes with chalk, and can be written on and erased just like a regular chalkboard!

Want a dry-erase version? Check out the Disney Princess Photo Frame Decor Kit. Not only does it include a writeable whiteboard (with dry-erase marker), but it also allows your little one to frame her favorite photos right on the walls of her room using these fun, creative stickers!

And to plot the progress of your little one as she grows? There are Princess Castle and Tinker Bell growth charts available in different sizes and styles. Again, these can be applied to any smooth surface such as a wall or door, and peeled off whenever your daughter's tastes change.

Jeweled Princess Stickers Come With Real Gems & Jewels!

Well, sort of! Because most of the Disney princess decal line now includes extra bling: packages of jewels and gemstones your daughter can use to accent her own wall designs.

Princess Sticker Gems
These stick-on gemstones come with
many Disney princess stickers

These beautiful little gemstones are simple and safe - you peel them off and stick them right onto the surface of whatever princess wall stickers you happen to own.

Not only does it look pretty, but this adds a personal element to decorating her bedroom, as your little girl gets to decide who gets bejeweled, and to what extent. The extra bling also causes these wall stickers to pop!

No matter what wall decor you go with, make sure you include your daughter in the decorating process. Since removing and re-applying the stickers is easy to do, it makes creating your very own princess mural a risk-proof endeavor. And when she changes her mind? Your little one can reposition her Disney princesses - and gem stones - any way that she wants.

Disney's Cinderella's Castle Giant Wall Mural

Cinderella's Castle Sticker
Disney Princess Castle Giant Wall Mural

And finally, where would a princess be without her beautiful castle?

Whether your daughter has been to Disney World or not, Cinderella's castle is an instantly recognizable landmark!

Add it to your little girl's room; she'll get a real kick out of it, especially if she's actually been the the castle and has lasting memories of watching her favorite Disney stars dancing around and playing out shows in front of its hollowed halls.

Even if you're not going with a Disney theme, make sure you include a castle in your princess themed room. Castles, tiaras, fairy wings and magic wands are all trademarks of princess decor, and you'll want to make them a part of decorating your daughter's room.

Be sure to visit our Princess Wall Stickers page for all kinds of great wall decals, wall borders, growth charts, chalkboard, and and full-length princess wall murals in every colorful Disney character!

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