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Outer Space Wall Murals and Space Theme Decorating

Some bedroom makeovers are more dramatic than others. One of the best, and most eye-opening, includes decorating your child's room to create an outer-space or astronaut theme.

Solar System Wall Decals
Solar System Peel & Stick Wall Panels

Since the dawn of time, outer space has been a place people have dreamed of going and exploring. Only recently have those explorations actually taken place. Between the discoveries made by the Apollo astronauts who landed on the moon and the brave Space Shuttle pilots who've taken to the stars, we now know a LOT more about our solar system - and our galaxy - than ever before.

Additionally, our satellites and telescopes have taken far-reaching photos of the most beautiful places in the universe. Couple this with modern day television shows like Star Trek and BattleStar Galactica, as well as movies like Star Wars and E.T., and children everywhere end up dreaming of becoming an astronaut.

Decorating With Outer Space Wall Decor

The walls of your child's room become a tremendous canvas on which to plan an outer-space theme room. You'd be foolish to ignore them, because they should be the focal point for any space-themed bedroom or playroom you decide to create.

Wallies Planets Decals
Wallies Planets Wall Mural

One direction you can go is to paint an entire wall black, and then using some glow in the dark paint, brush in some stars, planets, moons and comets.

This becomes the backdrop for which to use planet wall decals in order to recreate our solar system, or to even add some new fictional planets all of your little boys' own imagination.

Having this one wall dedicated to the vastness of outer space leaves an open and exciting feel to the room. Your little one can paint in some detail, or he can add any type of starship or outer space wall stickers that his little heart desires, creating an entire intergalactic space scene limited only by what you get him to put on the walls.

Most space wall decals are peel-and-stick, meaning they'll smooth right on over your painted walls and can be peeled off without issue, then repositioned and smoothed back on wherever your junior space explorer decides they should go next.

Creating a Spaceship Themed Bedroom

Another great idea? Making your child's room look like the deck of a starship, complete with control panels, hatches, overhead skylights and portholes looking out over the most beautiful scenes in outer space!

Galaxy Space Window Sticker
Galaxy Space Window Peel and Stick Wall Mural

Check out the Galaxy Space Windows, which come in several shapes and sizes. They're easily applied to the wall and depict some of the most beautiful scenes in all of outer space.

You can place these windows wherever you'd like to look out over limitless outer space, as well as the accompanying Spaceship Control Panel peel and stick wall mural so your son, the starship commander, can be at the controls.

If you'd rather the whole space room already laid out for you, check out the Outer Space Create a Mural kit. Let your little astronaut help you remove and apply the different pieces from each of the applique sheets, creating your very own outer space theme room with that added flair of customization on his part.

Many portholes and space windows can be placed on the ceiling as well (as long as you don't have popcorn ceilings!) adding to the feel that the entire room is a spaceship.

Glow-in-the-Dark Space Wall Decals & Stickers

Before finishing any space themed room, don't forget to add the right wall border. There are lots of styles and colors to choose from, in both modern day space themes as well as cartoonish styles suited for younger, more toddler-like children.

Outer Space Wall Border
Space Travel Wall Border

Wall borders come in both peel-and-stick as well as prepasted styles, meaning you might need a sponge and some water to put them up. They can really help accent a room however, as long as they go well with whatever other decor you managed to put on your child's bedroom walls.

Wall borders are usually sold in 3-foot sections, so be sure to measure the entire perimeter of your child's bedroom or play room to ensure full coverage.

Glow in the Dark Space Decals
Celestial Glow In The Dark Appliques

And yet another cool piece for a space-themed room? Glow-in-the-dark stickers!

These self-adhesive star and planet decals are made to glow even after the lights have been turned out.

The package shown here contains over 250+ individual stickers, which are great for younger or older children alike!

Put them up, turn out the light, and watch them glow. Use them to make constellations, and with your supervision your child can even put them on the ceiling.

They're completely safe and removable for any smooth surface; they work on furniture, headboards, notebooks, or anywhere the his world that your child wants to put them.

Be sure to visit our Outer Space Wall Sticker page for hundreds of great wall decals, borders, and full-sized space-themed wall murals for your little astronaut's bedroom!

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