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Sports Wall Sticker & Decal Decorating For Kids

Decorating your little child's bedroom is a labor of love. You'll want to include the things he or she holds closest to their heart, and in many cases, that usually includes one or more of today's most popular sports or sporting events.

Sports Theme Room
Complete Soccer Room Sticker Kit

Basketball, Football, Baseball, Hockey... these may be the major leagues, but don't forget there are other sports out there.

Lacrosse, soccer, softball; these are gaining in popularity, as well as the more Extreme sports like snowboarding and skateboarding that you'll see twice a year at the summer and winter X-Games.

When it comes to a sports themed bedroom or playroom, you need to know which direction your little one wants to go. He or she could dedicate an entire bedroom to baseball or football, or you can decorate with a much broader scope by including all different types of sports - and sports themed accessories - in your room decor.

Decorating With Sports Wall Stickers

If your son is a big sports fan, and his room is already starting to fill up with memorabilia, what better way to show him you share his enthusiasm than helping him create his own sports theme room? Look around and you'll find all of the sports wall art supplies you need to make the room of his dreams. Just pick a team and get started!

Starting Your Sports Theme Room - Choosing the Colors

Plain walls just won't do the job to set the stage for a great kids sports theme room, so you may want to start with something as easy as peel-and-stick Simple Stripes wall borders in your team's home colors!

Wallies Sports Decals
Wallies Sports Stamps Decals

You can order team color combos easily, or select the colors you like one at a time. Each roll of simple strips is twelve feet long, so you won't need many to cover your kid's room.

If you'd rather paint, make sure you do the walls in a lighter color: it takes fewer coats, and it keeps the room from looking too dark and cramped. Save the darker colors for trim.

Picking The Stars of Your Team

Next, pick out one of the great life-sized action images of real sports stars from today's major American sports teams! You'll find sports wall art for many of today's modern athletes: Yao Ming, David Beckham, Derek Jeter, and Troy Aikman, to name just a few.

Combine these with Kidifexs All-Star Sports wall stickers for teammates and equipment, and you're most of the way to a custom wall mural of your very own! Your son will love having a life-sized portrait of one of his sports heroes, or several.

And looking for a cool effect that combines wall decals with the paint color of your child's room? Try one of our Sudden Shadows wall decals for a subtle graphical statement that lets the existing color or your walls still shine through.

Or... put your son's own team photo on his wall! There are many companies (like Fathead) out there today that allow you to sumbit any photo or picture of your choosing and have it turned into a peel-and-stick, life-sized wall decal of your son's favorite sports star: himself!

Choosing The Team For You

There's an enormous selection of differet team logos, NFL team wallpaper borders, and NFL wallhangings, as well as Collegiate multi-sports wall stickers you can use to represent your favorite team in full color. Just as easy to use as the rest of the sports wall art, simply peel off the backing and stick where you want them to be. Even the youngest kids can help, which will give them a feeling of accomplishment that you just can't buy.

Baseball Scoreboard Wall Decal
Fully Customizable Baseball Scoreboard Peel and Stick Wall Mural

Adding The Final Details to Your Sports Theme Bedroom

Don't forget all the great sports memorabilia that you have collected over the years. This kids sports theme room will look great with a framed sports jersey, posters, or photos of your favorite moments in past games. Think about passing along the last baseball you caught.

You can also put up a rack for your son's own sports equipment. It will fit right in. For baseball, football, basketball and hockey fans, you can even get your own personalized scoreboard! Name the field, the player, teams, and stats, and the rest is done for you. This customized piece of wall decal artwork makes for an impressive centerpiece, or a dramatic name tag; at 48 inches in width, it is a significant presence on any wall.

Sports Wall Decor For Girls Too

Don't forget, there are also some very excellent sports graphics for girls as well!

Girls Sports Wall Decals
Girl Softball Batter - Sudden Shadows

Along with Sudden Shadows for softball, gymnastics, and ballet, there are plenty of female sports stars in Fathead's line.

If you're raising a skater, check out the full-length and fully-customizable scoreboard wall mural designed in an ice skater's theme.

There are also a good number of unisex wallpapers and growth charts for any sports-loving kid, whether they be boy or girl. Check them out, and you'll find something to accomodate your little girls' interest in being an athlete.

In the end, any sports themed bedroom or playroom needs to accomodate a mix of flooring, bedding, and wall decoration that ties the room together in a way that's fun. Get your child involved, and make sure to hear out his or her ideas when it comes to what they want (or don't want) in their room. After all, they're the ones who have to live in there!

Be sure to visit our Sports Wall Decals page for hundreds of great wall stickers, sports borders, and full-length wall murals in all different athletic themes!

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