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Tinker Bell / Fairy Theme Room

Bring the enchantment and excitement of everyone's favorite fairy princess, Tinkerbell into the comfort of your little girls' room!

Tinker Bell Giant Sticker
Tinker Bell Glitter Giant Wall Sticker

Your daughter is sure to fall in love with these magical peel and stick decals, and her new and improved Tink room!

Disney's Tinkerbell has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. From just being Peter Pan's sidekick, to having her very own television series, Tinkerbell's popularity has greatly expanded and will invariably continue to be a little girl's favorite fairy princess.

When decorating any room, the best and easiest place to start are with the walls. If you're thinking that in order to decorate your childs wall you're going to need a lot of time and some pixie dust, think again!

Wall Stickers make this task super simple. Our peel and stick decals take just minutes to apply and are not at all permanent. When you're little fairy princess grows out of the Tinkbell phase no worries, simply peel the stickers right off! Our decals don't hurt the paint on the walls and can easily be removed and re-applied as many times as you like.

Giant decals are a perfect way to set the theme for the room that you're decorating. These vibrant stickers are going to be the first thing that catch your eye when you walk into the room, especially the giant Tinkerbell glitter decal shown here.

Using Tinkerbell Accent Decals and Applique Packs

Once you've chosen one or two giants, you're ready to move on to the accent stickers.

Applique packs contain smaller stickers that accent your giants and tie the room together. This is where things get fun, because these peel-and-stick packs are the perfect way to get your little girl involved. She can safely and easily help decorate her new room, since removing and re-applying these wall decals are a breeze!

You have a few choices with the applique packs. You can stick with the original Tink, or you can add her extremely popular New Fairy Friends applique pack from her tremendously successful Disney movie Fairies.

Tinker Bell Fairies Decals
New Fairies Movie Tinker Bell Room Appliques

If after you apply your giant decals and your applique pack you still feel like you're missing something, try our Tinkerbell growth chart. This unique wall sticker will not only add to the theme of your room, but create a fun and exciting weekly routine of measuring your little fairy princess!

Tinker Bell Growth Chart Sticker
Very Fairy Tinker Bell
Prepasted Growth Chart

Growth charts not only look great on any wall, but are easily applied to the back of a door. Simply mark your little girls growth daily with a sharpie marker and enjoy watching her progress from month to month and year to year!

To put the finishing touches on your beautifully re-designed Tinkerbell room, try one of our peel and stick tinker bell borders. Again you have the choice between Disney's original Tinkerbell, or Tinkerbell and her New Fairy Friends Wall Border.

In addition you can choose one of two ways to apply your new fairy princess border. Mid-way borders are a creative and intriguing way to break up the room a bit. Simply place the border half way between the floor and the ceiling on the wall.

Decide that's not for you? No problem! Peel the border right off the wall with no damage to the paint and you're ready to re-apply it at the top of the walls for your more traditional look.

Be sure to check the description on all of our borders, for some of them are pre-pasted and can not be peeled and re-applied. Pre-pasted borders and murals go up very easily with a little bit of water and are no more difficult than our peel and stick decals to apply. The only difference is they're not repositionable.

And another really cool idea that sure to be a hit? Chalkboard decals!

Tinker Bell Chalkboard Sticker
Disney Fairies Chalkboard Sticker

That's right - chalkboard decals allow your child to write directly on the walls! After smoothing them on, you or your daughter can use standard chalk (included) to write any message you want. Just wipe the board with a damp cloth or paper towel, and you have a clean slate again.

There are literally dozens of Peel and Stick Chalkboards to choose from, including the Disney Fairies Chalkboard shown here, to keep within your fairy theme.

Alternatively, you can go with one of our Dry Erase Decals. These work just like our chalkboards, only they require a dry erase marker (also included) instead of a standard piece of chalk.

As long as you're careful not to use permanent marker, these dry erase boards wipe clean just as easily.

Be sure to visit our Tinker Bell Wall Art page for a HUGE selection of Disney wall stickers, fairy wall borders, XL wall murals, peel-and-stick decal packs and more!

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