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Undersea and Ocean Theme Room Ideas

One of the more popular modern choices when it comes to decorating a child's bedroom or playroom is the undersea or ocean theme. And the best part? This type of neutral decor works for both boys and girls rooms!

Under the Sea Wall Mural
Under The Sea Wall Mural

Children inherently love the beach, the ocean, and all the colorful sea animals within. This gives you nearly unlimited options when it comes to decorating this type of theme room, because there's virtually no end to the colorful sea creatures and beautiful beach decor available for you to decorate with.

Beach and surf decor is a category all it's own, but it can always be combined with undersea decorating. Some of the most beautiful Fish, Shark, and Octopus wall decor comes in an endless array of colors, in both peel-and-stick wall murals as well as canvas works of kids wall art.

Decorating in a sealife and ocean theme allows you to vary the level of decor you want to go with. For example, you can add accent pieces from our 50-Piece Underwater Mural Transfer Stickers, or you could instantly turn the walls of your child's room into a full-blown under the ocean masterpiece with the Under the Sea Adventure Mural.

Deciding Upon an Undersea or Ocean Themed Kids Room

You have two basic directions when it comes to ocean decor: above or below. This means you can choose to create a beach or above the waves scene complete with ships, leaping dolphins, and other creatures that swim at the surface... or you can go beneath the waves to create an entire undersea scene, complete with fish, sharks, octopi, and even a sunken treasure chest or two.

Above the waves decorating gives you more freedom when it comes to what to put in the room. Since you're not limited only to the creatures who live under the sea, you can add sand, surf, ships, anchors, and all manner of ocean and nautical themed interests.

Beneath the waves, you're given some very colorful choices. For some amazing tropical fish, check out these Seascape Appliques which include triggerfish, clownfish, angel fish, and all types of coral.

Coral Wall Decal
Full-Length Coral Wall Decal

You can also buy individual tropical fish by Critter Walls, and these come printed in laser-sharp, vibrant colors! Peel and place them on any smooth surface; make your very own undersea wall scene and customize it with this amazingly detailed Coral Peel and Stick Wall Mural.

Painting Your Walls to Look Like an Underwater Scene

One of the more fun and creative ways to go under the waves with your room decor is to paint the walls of your child's bedroom or playroom an ocean blue. You can even add a surface line of waves up near the ceiling, as well as a sandy seafloor at the base of the wall. This creates the illusion of actually being under the sea, and from there you can decorate with fish, sharks, plants, coral, and everything that might be found in an ocean-themed mural.

UnderSea Create a Mural Kit
Under The Sea Create-a Mural Kit

Want to decorate in minutes? You can buy the entire Under the Sea Mural Kit, shown here. It include everything needed to create your very own underwater seascape, except the paint!

Decorating with this type of kit allows you the creative freedom of arranging your mural any way you want to, but without the hassel of having to buy all the pieces individually.

You can always add additional fish, coral, sea-creatures and accent pieces, depending upon the size of the room you're decorating or how many walls you'd like to take up with your undersea landscape. Check out our array of Tropical Undersea Peel-and-Stick Fish Decals which include turtles, starfish, and other ocean floor plant-life.

Adding to and Accenting Your Undersea Decor

Many people like to decorate the room itself with stuffed animal sea creatures, starfish, or even hang some sea horses from the ceiling with some very thin, clear fishing line. These types of accents help bring the room together and reinforce the theme itself. Feel free to go as nautical or ocean as you want, especially if your child is already a lover of sea creatures and already has a few pieces of this type of decor from a recent trip to Sea World or your local aquarium.

Sea Creature Theme Rooms for Younger Children and Baby Nursery

Another advantage of the undersea theme is flexibility. It works just as well for older children interested in oceanography as well as younger boys, girls, and even toddlers. In this scenario, you'll want a more "kiddie" look that appeals to younger children and can even be used to decorate your baby's nursery.

Olive Kids Seaquarium
Olive Kids Seaquarium

For this type of decorating, Olive Kids Seaquarium Stickers are a great choice. Peel and stick technology makes these decals an easy-to-use effort. Just peel off the backing and instantly apply them to any wall or smooth surface. Like most items we carry at the Wall Sticker Outlet, they're removable, repositionable, and can be arranged and changed into any configuration you or your child's little heart desires.

Other options for younger children's bedrooms are Sea Creatures Cutouts by Wallies, and Sea Creature Appliques, perfect even for bathrooms.

The undersea animal "porthole" series is another popular choice, with three different child-themed murals that tie in nicely together.

Coral Wall Decal
Sea Turtle Peel & Stick Wall Mural

Check out Porthole 1, Porthole 2, and Porthole 3. They even have matching vertical murals perfect for the backs of doors, in this same 'under the ocean with animals' type of children' theme.

Fathead also makes some incredible wall graphics in popular children's styles. Before decorating your baby or toddler's room, check out their Sea Creatures 1 and Sea Creatures 2 graphics, available right here at the Wall Sticker Outlet.

And hey, who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob, of course! So if your little one loves watching him on TV, you might want to consider these Spongebob Stickers and Wall Borders licensed by Nickelodeon. In them you'll find Spongebob and all his friends; Mr. Krabb, Sandy, Patrick, Gary, and Squidward as well.

Finally, for Disney lovers? You might want to go with a Finding Nemo theme! Be sure to look through this wide selection of Finding Nemo Wall Stickers. If your child happens to be a huge fan of this incredibly popular Disney Pixar movie, you can find wall decals, full-length murals, and some very cool wall borders from the Nemo movie.

Finding Nemo Sticker
Finding Nemo Self-Stick Wall Border

Be sure to visit our Ocean & Sealife Wall Decor page for all kinds of great wall stickers, wall borders, and full-length wall murals in all colors and sizes! You can even find an adorable selection of ocean-themed canvas wall art.

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