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Winnie the Pooh Theme Room

Transform your childs bedroom into the Hundred Aker Woods!

Winnie the Pooh Removable Decal
Pooh & Piglet Giant Peel-and-Stick Wall Mural

The world famous Disney's Pooh Bear is not only timeless, but also the perfect gender neutral option for your little one, boy or girl!

First drawn in the 1920's, Pooh was more of a black and white cartoon character for a while. He got the red shirt a few years later, and it was until Walt Disney brought him mainstream by purchasing the rights to the honey-loving bear in 1961.

Whether you're bouncing around with Tigger or relaxing with Eeyore, our Winnie The Pooh wall sticker collection is sure to have your child estatic with their new and improved bedroom!

There is an enormous variety of Winnie The Pooh stickers available to you through the Wall Sticker Outlet, so pick the one that right for you. Some of the larger decals work great with the smaller sticker packs, and there are even full-length Winnie the Pooh wall murals that can instantly and dramatically transform an entire wall of your son's room, daughter's room, or baby's nursery.

We have a plethera of Giant peel and stick wall characters including: Tigger, Pooh and Piglet, and even some 3-D Wallables decals such as Eeyore. These giant wall decals are an easy way to set the theme for any room, and they go well with other non-Pooh decals such as our cloud packs, blue sky wallpaper, and more.

Picking one or two of these vibrant peel-and-stick characters (and it will certainly be hard to choose) and placing them throughout the room will set your decorating off to a great beginning!

Adding Winnie the Pooh and Friends Wall Decor to Your Theme Room

The next step in decorating your childs bedroom is adding an applique pack. Applique packs are smaller wall decals that help to tie the room together.

Winnie the Pooh Sticker Set
Winnie the Pooh Applique Pack

Easily removed (just carefully peel them off wherever you put them) and re-applied to any smooth surface, these adorable accent stickers provide a perfect way to include your child in helping decorate their new bedroom.

Check out our most popular Winnie The Pooh applique pack (shown here).

Looking for something unique for your new bedroom? Try a peel-and-stick Winnie The Pooh growth chart!

Winnie the Pooh Growth Chart
Pooh Growth Chart

Ever wake up and feel like your child grew over night? This innovative wall sticker will not only add to the theme of your new bedroom, but will create a fun and exciting new routine of measuring your loved one every day!

Self-stick growth charts go great on any wall, but they also work well on the backs of doors. Mark your child's height progress with a Sharpie or marker, and enjoy watching them grow up through the months and years.

To put the finishing touches on your beautifully re-designed room, add a Winnie The Pooh wall border. Borders are great for finishing out a room theme, as they accent the already-existing decor.

You have a few options with this; you can put this decorative peel-and-stick strip of Pooh Bear and his friends at the mid-way point between the floor and the ceiling on the wall to break the room up a bit, or stick with the traditional top of the room border.

The beauty of our stickers is you can try both! Go with the mid-way border and decide it's not for you? NO PROBLEM! Our stickers not only peel right off with no damage to the paint, but are easily re-applied over and over!

Pooh Wall Border
Winnie the Pooh Self-Stick Wall Border

Some Pooh borders may be prepasted (and therefore not removable), so be sure to choose the border that's right for you.

Prepasted decals and borders go up with just a sponge and a little bit of water, and are just as easy to smooth onto your walls as our peel-and-stick decals.

Also check out our GIANT-sized, full-length Winnie the Pooh XL Wall Mural for another great example of prepasted wall art.

Be sure to visit our Winnie the Pooh Wall Decor page for a HUGE selection of baby nursery and child's room wall border, XL wall murals, peel-and-stick decal packages and more!

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