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10 Cloud Wall Transfer Stickers

10 Cloud Wall Transfer Stickers - Wall Sticker Outlet


These beautiful clouds go great with the coordinating plane collection, or just a fun accent to a wall or ceiling to create the feeling of a beautiful sky. Pair this with the smaller planes and clouds to create an amazing room! (see larger photos for details)

Sheet 1 has 4 clouds measuring 20" x 9.75", 11" x 4.5", 9.75" x 4.25" and 8.75" x 3".

Sheet 2 has 6 clouds measuring 14.75" x 7", 12" x 6.25", 9.75" x 5", 8" x 3.75"

Instant Murals Designs are an exciting and fun new way to personalize and decorate your walls and furniture, create stunning one of a kind accessories and more - let your imagination run wild with possibilities.

Their mural designs are a high resolution dry rub transfers / wall tatouage that give the look and feel of expensive, hand-painted work done by a professional artist. Once applied, the design is so detailed that you can actually see the brush-strokes of the hand painted designs.

And easy to do? You bet -

1. Simply place the designs in the desired location

2. Transfer to the surface using the applicator stick

3. Peel back the transfer sheet and enjoy. Create all kinds of fun designs, double dots, or more. Pick more than one sheet to come up with your own color combinations.

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