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Funky and Fun Fit me Out Boy Fabric Wall Decals

Funky and Fun Fit me Out Boy Fabric Wall Decals - Wall Sticker Outlet

Pop & Lolli™ extra large and oversized fabric wall decals are removable and repositionable! Easy to install: just peel and stick!

100% eco-friendly!

100% safe for kids!

100% made in the USA!

Smilin’ & Stylin’, made without whinin’.

39 Chic Fabric Stickers includes: Please note this includes the Brave Boys accessories only. It does not include the actual Brave Boys themselves, they can be purchased additionally.

Sporty Schalk:

1 Baseball Helmet

1 Baseball Mitt

1 Baseball Shirt

1 Baseball Pant

2 Baseball Cleats

1 Baseball Bat

1 Baseball Ball

Workman Walt:

1 Hard Hat

1 Hitting Hammer

1 Working Wrench

1 Orange Cone

1 Warning Light Do Not Cross Construction Fence

1 Coveralls

2 Muddy Boots

Pirate Pete:

1 Talking Parrot

1 Sailor Hat

1 Eye Patch

1 Curly Moustache

1 Sharp Sword

1 Hook Hand

1 Fishermen Jacket

2 Rain Boots

Fiery Frankie:

1 Firemen Hat

1 Big Axe

1 Fire Hydrant

1 Fire Extinguisher

1 Red Fireman Jacket

1 Red Fireman Pant

2 Fireman Boots

Astronaut Apollo:

1 Flag

1 Bubbly Spacesuit Head Gear Cover

1 Bulky Spacesuit Body Cover

2 Big Spacesuit Arm Covers

2 Blown-up Spacesuit Leg Covers

Character Height:

This Funky & Fun Fit me out! Accessories are designed to work with Brave Boys.

Typically ships within 5-7 business days.

Please note:

Pop & Lolli™ chic fabric wall stickers are made from an ultra premium, very re-usable, finely woven polyester fabric. It is reasonable to expect to receive it with some dents and or perhaps some creases caused during packaging and shipping. But rest assured, due to the superior quality of the material and inherent nature of the fabric are all creases and dents only temporary. It will be completely gone and not at all noticeable once in position, placed and smoothed on the wall. Due to the nature of the material of the product and the water-based adhesive, can it also be expected to seem a little ''loose'' and not sticking on the backing paper it arrives on. Rest assured - this is normal! It is designed and intended to be that way, and once you place it on your wall you will be very pleasantly surprised to see how well and easy it sticks to the wall and removes.


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