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Amazon Forest Clock and Wall Decals

Amazon Forest Clock and Wall Decals - Wall Sticker Outlet

This combination wall sticker and clock will add a pop of modern color to your home office or bedroom. Application of this design is easy: remove the design from the middle of the circular wall sticker, place it on the wall, then affix the clock to the middle. You can apply the decal from the center of the design elsewhere if you like! Great for any wall or smooth surface where a clock is needed. To apply: Locate desired position for clock and wall sticker. Place a nail, tack, or hook in wall and ensure clock hangs in correct position without falling. Remove clock and apply wall decal, ensuring that nail is in the center of the open portion of the design. After wall decal has been applied, ensure that clock and decal appear as intended. Finally, move the clock hands to the correct position, insert a AA battery (not included) into the back, and hang clock on wall. Avoid hitting the wall with force after application, as vibrations may cause the clock to fall.

1 sheet of wall decals

decals range from 0.5" x 0.5" to 10.5" x 10.5"

includes one clock 3.75" in diameter

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