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Twin Girl and Boy Growth Chart

Twin Girl and Boy Growth Chart - Wall Sticker Outlet

From Studio B Creations, these hand-painted growth charts come with free personalization and each one is an original, acrylic on stretched canvas painting!

Twins have a special place in Studio B's heart:

'I have twins and I know how hard it is to find something that truly celebrates how special they really are. Just getting two of something just doesn't cut it for me. Thats why we have approached growth charts for twins in a very different way. Our twin growth charts are a 'diptych' which is one work of art made up of two individual pieces. They are beautiful individually but they make up something very special when they are working together as a team. I felt like this was a wonderful way to describe the magical relationship of twins through art. Each child has their own special space to mark their progress but it is still something that they can do together'

Creating two growth chart paintings that make up one work of art is not only artistic but functional. Utilizing one 18 x 36 inch canvas for each half, allows each child to have their own space to mark their own growth while making it something they can do together. Most twin babies are in the same room in the beginning and in a lot of cases will then go on to occupy separate rooms. Our creations allow for the conversion without skipping a beat. You won't have to leave behind the treasured memories of your children growing up whether moving to another room or moving to another country. Hanging the canvases 2 feet off the ground gives 5 feet of measuring space for years of enjoyment. Let us help you to celebrate your child's growth with something made just for them.

Add our Little Fancy Pants Package to each chart, which is a wood backboard padded with natural cotton and covered with a complimentary designer fabric for added softness and finish for an additional fee.

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Dimensions: 18 x 36 inches (x2)