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Beach Days Large Peel and Stick Mural Kit

Beach Days Large Peel and Stick Mural Kit - Wall Sticker Outlet

These easy peel and stick wall mural decal kits are the ultimate in do it yourself kids wall decor! Create incredible boys and girls wall murals and fantasy scenes using these high-quality self-adhesive wall sticker packages. All you need is some background paint and a little imagination!

Live the beach life every day with this incredible beach days mural! We have included step by step instructions to paint the room below as well.

-Waves (2) 1’ x 4’

-Palm Trees (1) 4’, (1) 3”

-Sand Castle 18”

-Sun 1’

Step 1- -We suggest you paint the ceiling also.If you are going to design a theme room for your child you might as well go all out.By painting the ceiling it makes it feel like the sky and the theme is completely carried throughout the whole room.It gives the room a cozy and welcoming feeling.

Step 2- -Approximately 1/2 way up wall draw a level line using chalk & a level or measure 1/2 way up wall and mark all the way across.

-2' above the first chalk line, make another level chalk line.

Step 3- -Using either a foam or angeled paint brush a straight line of the "Sandy Colored Paint" and fill in using a roller.

Step 4- -Paint the area above the sand a wonderful teal ocean blue.

Step 5- -Using chalk draw a 12' x 24" trapazoid shape using a ruler.

-Water down bright yellow craft paint about 1/3 water to 2/3 paint.

-Using a bristle brush paint from right to left which will simualte ocean

waves paint in trapazoid shape. Don't fill it in completely. Try and paint loosely.

-This will make the simmering sunshine over the water.

-You will be placing a 12" wall sticker sun at the top of simmer.

Step 6-


-You must give the paint time to fully cure. The painted wall may feel dry to the

touch, however moisture from the paint is still evaporating from the paint & it interacts with the mural/wall stickers/ mural piece's adhesive and they will not stick until the paint is full cured. If you should happen to adhere the mural/ wall stickers/ mural piece's and the y should become lose or fall off.It is fine.

Just place them back onto the backing and wait a week & reapply.

-Using the above photo & suggested layout as a guide start to apply wall stickers / mural pieces to your child's walls.

-Start with the background pieces because the front one's will be placed on top.


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