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Elephants on the Wall Menagerie Doorhugger Mural

Elephants on the Wall Menagerie Doorhugger Mural - Wall Sticker Outlet

Let this menagerie of animals guard the door while they giggle and gawk at those who enter the room. A giraffe peers over the top, an elephant and leopard peek around the left side of the door and the hippo and toucan peer around the right side of the door. This maniacal menagerie makes a dynamic addition to the big Jungle Story wall mural. Patterns can be reversed.

Elephant & Leopard 4'-2" tall 1'-11" wide

Hippo & Toucan 1'-7" wide 3'-4" tall

Giraffe 1'11" wide 2'-6" tall

Paint by Number kit includes: pattern, transfer paper, directions & color guide.

For installation of this wall mural, please check out our Paint by Number FAQs page.


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